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Viral Thread: Neighbor Leaves Rude Note on Car For Parking in Front of Their House, The Internet is Heavily Divided Over Who is Wrong

An exchange between two neighbors has gone viral after one of the neighbors posted screenshots of their exchange online. Responses to the This thread was posted to r/mildlyinfuriating by Redditor u/kayaniv with the title “Our neighbor doesn't like it if anyone parks on the street in front of their house.” There the thread has earned 16.4k upvotes.
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parking-drama neighbors parking space drama Bad Neighbor parking neighbor - 17420293

Bad Neighbors Insist That They Have the Right to Use Family's Parking Spaces

What is it with neighbors and parking drama?
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pro revenge fire truck neighbors fireman justice revenge parking neighbor - 17421061

Idiot "Disabled Spot Parker" Gets Vehicle Obliterated By Fire Truck

“There is nothing better than seeing a fire engine push cars around like nothing.” said SomethingEnglish in the top comment. “Seeing the look on the car owner's face when they are presented with the bill for the damage their cars caused the fire engines is a nice bonus, though.” replied Wells1632.
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aita neighbors revenge neighbor - 17322757

Weird Neighbor Records Guy On His Own Property, So He Gives Them A Show

What do you do when your strange neighbors are spying on you and recording your every move? Give them a show of course!
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pro revenge neighbors drama neighborhood revenge petty revenge neighbor property-dispute property - 17292805

Entitled Neighbors Are Taking Over Your Driveways, Here Are Three Top Stories

What is it with neighbors driveways?
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neighbors entitled neighbor - 17180165

Neighbor Harvests Woman's Entire Herb Garden After She Kindly Offers Some

"No good deed goes unpunished.'
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aita neighbors malicious compliance neighbor - 17168389

Neighborhood Kid's Bake Sale Sparks Drama When Neighbor Demands Half the Earnings Despite Fronting Nothing

Conflict emerged when this neighbor's kid demanded that he receive “half the money” from a bake sale when he decided he was bored and wanted to go home early. He wasn't even willing to stay the full duration and put in the work in order to earn his part of the cash. The other kid responded that this wasn't fair and that they should split the money earned for the duration that the neighbor's kid had worked. This prompted the neighbor to march over to this family's house, complaining that it wasn…
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Neighbor lets her dog attack a package handler because she didn’t want to yell in front of her angels

Insane Neighbor Lets Her Dogs Attack a Delivery Driver Because She Doesn't Want to Yell In Front of Her Children

There are crazy, terrible neighbors… and then there's Jackie.
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insane neighbors entitled karen neighbor - 16466181

Karen Airbnb Guest Accosts Random Neighbor, Demands They Let Her Inside

There's nothing more bewildering than being accosted by a random person on the street. There you are, just chilling in your own little world. Suddenly the sky darkens, and hellfire and fury are rained down upon you. Depending on the circumstance, this can be pretty entertaining but, even in the best of circumstances, it's going to be incredibly tense. Cortisol is pumping; the heart is racing. The whole body is prepped and alert for any outcome. Indeed that must have been what u/JohnDodger felt…
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neighbors drama relationships karen neighbor malicious compliance - 16464389

Karen Neighbor Reports Damaged Fence, Guy Removes Fence Entirely

That's one way to go on the of-fence-ive.
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neighbors revenge petty neighbor - 15200261

Dad Gets Nuclear Revenge On Neighbors After They Ruin His Son’s Birthday Party

Guy gets extremely petty revenge on neighbors after they pop his son's basketball
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aita neighbors lifing woman gym neighborhood fitness neighbor - 16397061

Creepy Neighbor Peers Through Woman's Windows, Says She Can't Walk Around Her House Topless

Maybe just keep your eyes to yourself?
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pro revenge hoa neighbors lawyer revenge nuclear revenge towing petty revenge lawsuit Reddit neighbor - 16371973

Busy Body "HOA Karen" Tows Guy's Big Benz, Not Actually on HOA Board, Gets Sued Silly

"Diane was not listed as a board member. Interesting."
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aita neighbors scammer drama neighborhood neighbor-drama parenting Bad Neighbor Reddit Parenting Fail neighbor - 16371205

Scummy Scammer Neighbor Has Kids Shovel Woman's Driveway Without Asking, Demands Payment

This mom is teaching a master class in grifting.
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pro revenge neighbors revenge bad neighbors prorevenge Reddit neighbor - 16354309

Dude Turns Terrible Neighbor's Own Games Against Them, Takes Them On in All-Out Warfare

Colonies of feral cats are the ultimate weapons.
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neighbors drama revenge bad neighbors petty revenge neighbor - 16319493

Heartless New Neighbor Ignites Driveway Feud, Loses and Ends Up With Tiny Driveway

Mike... You are the world's biggest a-hole.
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