guys try to move pottery onto vehicle and end up dropping it

Guys Try To Move Pottery, Lose Battle

Gravity strikes again.
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Twitter users share a collection of their most helpful packing tips for someone who's about to move.

A Move Prompts Twitter Users To Share Their Best Packing Tips

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list story moving funny animals - 1057285

If You've Ever Had a Dog, This is Easily the Best Story You'll Read All Day

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FAIL couch irish old people moving Video - 78089985

The Irish Way of Moving a Couch

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Loading Your U-Haul, The Not Smart (Car) Way

trailers smart car FAIL car moving - 8601809152
Via cody127

Someone Forgot to Pivot

Via Acid Cow

It's Just a Little Bit Extra, She'll Hold Together!

moving van pickup truck gas station pickup truck moving oversize load - 6766634240
Created by Unknown

Shouldn't There Also Be Cones Around the Area Under the Bridge?

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I Know Who I'm Hiring For My Next Move

monday thru friday van moving business name - 8420174080
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moving breakup funny Video - 65111809

The Breaking Up Moving Service

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Who Else Would You Trust With All Your Worldly Possessions?

business name he man puns monday thru friday moving work - 8163472384
Via The Punning Man

OK, Tape the Dresser in And Go!

moving there I fixed it g rated - 7910749952
Created by explosivetemper

Moving Day

moving there I fixed it g rated - 7894712320
Created by anselmbe

Don't Worry, They're Tied Down Really Tightly

FAIL cars mattresses moving funny there I fixed it - 7486040320
Created by mk

I'll Give You $4.50 for That Priceless Family Relic!

moving - 7790564608
Created by Unknown

This Should End Well

moving safety dangerous funny fail nation g rated - 7732964352
Created by Unknown
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