AITA for asking my daughter to uphold her end of the deal?

'You made a deal with a TWELVE YEAR OLD for THOUSANDS of DOLLARS?!?': Karen makes daughter pay for half of their swimming pool

Tough love, am I right?
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AITA for installing a GPS tracker in my 15 year old daughter's car?

Mom Installs GPS Tracker in Unlicensed Teen's Car & It backfires!

This Mom thought outlining the tires with chalk and installing a GPS tracker would stop her unlicensed teenage daughter from taking out her car when her parents weren't home. Rookie mistake.
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AITA for disconnecting the Internet and not paying my daughters phone bill?

Mom Finds Daughter's Rude TikToks About Her, Gets Revenge By Cutting Off Internet

Never make a TikTok about your Mom when you rely on her for everything
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AITA for telling my mom "Good! Now we are both sugar babies"?

'Now we are both sugar babies': Mom gets called out for being a hypocrite

This mother-daughter relationship became toxic when the Mom started accusing her daughter of being a sugar baby when she too would get showered with gifts and money from her current boyfriend.
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WIBTA if I ask my daughter to return her inheritance?

Daughter Pays for Her Brothers To Go To Med School, Only for Her Mother To Ask Her To Give Them Her Inheritance Too

This daughter literally put her life and education on hold for her family and now she's expected to give up her inheritance too? This can't be real and yet it is.
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trolling parenting motherdaughter daughter - 1897733

Daughter Trolls Her Mother Over Text in This Hilarious Prolonged Exchange

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I Imagine We're All Guilty of This to Some Degree

comics facebook motherdaughter - 7047875072
Via Unearthed Comics

Yo Mama So Awesome

selfie facebook motherdaughter - 7039585024

I'd Be Running and Crying, Too

motherdaughter snake g rated Parenting FAILS - 7013218304

Mom... Stahp

facebook motherdaughter - 6996774144

Parenting Fails: Fixed It

comic makeup motherdaughter - 6551887104
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

disney growing up motherdaughter peter pan - 6470159872

Motherly Wizdumb

iphone motherdaughter text - 6431571200

Happy Times Indeed

cancer motherdaughter - 6431876608

Caught Ya!

iphone motherdaughter pregnant text - 6417542656

You are Your Mother's Daughter

Before And After motherdaughter photos - 6399272192