people who didn't get jokes

Infuriating Nincompoops Who Seriously Didn't Get The Joke

C'mon bro.
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funny stories of stupid questions people were asked

People Share The Dumbest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

There are in fact, dumb questions.
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guy eats wife's food photoshoot and doesn't understand why she is mad

Manchild Eats Wife's Photoshoot, Wonders Why She's Mad

It's an open and shut case.
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stupid people who didn't understand jokes

25 Chowder Heads Who Seriously Didn't Get Jokes

There's one in every group.
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stupid funny facepalm moments | These guys locked their keys an armoured truck | grabbed this bullshit ass chorizo made soy thought saying am chorizo spanish Since 1973 Cacique. SOY CHORIZO Vegetarian EXTRA LARGE

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Beacons Of Stupid

Great job everyone.
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moron FAIL stairs cars lol dumb idiots stupid win - 107822337

Idiot In SUV "Successfully" Makes It Down Stairs

To be honest, it's always been a little tempting while driving to see if you could make it down a set of stairs. But it's not exactly a thing most of us would want to risk with our own cars and/or stairs. Luckily this smooth-brain ventured on to find out for the rest of us that, yeah, it's possible, but no, it's not advisable. Now the real challenge is seeing if they can make it back up.
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funny facepalm moments of people being stupid

Facepalm Moments Made Possible By The Brutally Stupid

Someone fire up the brain-o-meter.
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funny times people were dumb

Dumb Facepalm Moments Of Sweet, Spicy Stupid

Think, like for a second.
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really stupid things people said

The Dumbest Utterances People Have Heard

We can't all be geniuses.
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facepalm moments of people being stupid

Stupid Facepalm Moments Of Human Moronitude

Good work everyone.
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funny stupid moments of failure | If ever feel sad just remember my friend and his girlfriend peeled 102 garlic gloves recipe and then realized said 1 2 garlic cloves | Why is there car inside bank car reflecting in window

Dumb Moments of Failure and Stupidity

It's a steady stream of dumbness.
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Stories of people being dumb | Bclay85 42.8k points 3 days ago worked at bank. Mobile depositing had just became thing received picture someones cash deposit. Yea..

Stories of People's Unparalleled Dumbness

It's hard to grasp sometimes.
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Facepalm fails and moments of people being stupid | Sir Rona @Squallamytweets kid born 2010 is now 20. Just let sink AKO @hvmoodi He doing R Kelly math.

Incompetent Moments of Classic Facepalm

Dumbness flows like a river.
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Funny stupid fails and facepalm moments | Matthew Keys O @MatthewKeysLive Radio thinking radio. Jody Avirgan O @jodyavirgan 1d new breaking news moments like this, there should be type podcast can listen real time, easily accessible free.

Classic Facepalm Moments to Fill The Day with Stupid

People aren't great thinkers sometimes.
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Guy who stole from store identified in same store | r/TalesFromRetail Posted by u/Doctor_Stonks 3 days ago Guy who stole $2,000 worth equipment our store comes back shop same day find out he looked like. Long Hey, all! First time posting on here, so here go work at relatively new grocery store small town Washington only been open around nine months now and our customer count has been going up recently, so gets bit harder keep track customers usually work as cashier most week on closing shift,

Thief Identified While Shopping at Store He Stole From

Ah yes, the idiot always returns to the scene of the crime.
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Video news report of a man who bought tons of cleaning products to sell at a higher price.

Jerk Idiot Stuck with 18,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer He Tried to Flip

Good going, dude.
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