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Something to Remember Her By

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That's Where My Old Phone Went

office floor phone image That's Where My Old Phone Went
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The Line Will Be Out the Door!

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We're Going to Need a Little Backup Here

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Cover All Your Bases

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Mondays, Am I Right?

work fail mondays am I right
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Looks Like You'll Be Late For Work Today

work train prank image Looks Like You'll Be Late For Work Today
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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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I Have to Wear a Tie to Work? If You Insist...

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Nap Where You Can

monday thru friday nap work airplane - 8090582016
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An Inspirational Tale

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That's More Like It!

monday thru friday beard facial hair bald work - 8149085184
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Gretta, Could I Get Some Coffee in Here?... Gretta?

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When You're a Weatherman, Bringing Your Dog to Work Can Be Distracting

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They Should Just Make This the Uniform

monday thru friday poorly dressed - 8336373504
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Something, Something First... Yeah Yeah, Whatever...

danger safety first smoking monday thru friday - 6619008256
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