Fast crowd turns | JustPlainSimpleGarak 12.0k points 1 day ago at Van Halen concert few years back and David Lee Roth comes on mic and says "This next one is our new album"

Fastest Times People Have Seen A Crowd Turn

Things can take a 180 extremely quick.
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Unlucky mishaps, mistakes and messes | person on the phone standing next to bicycle that completely dented a car while remaining undamaged | engraved pen that reads PLEASE USE UPLOADED LOGO

Monday Misfortune: Mistakes and Messes

There's a time and place for "oops."
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Coworker mistakes that didn't get them fired | Aufwader 25.6k points 16 hours ago Accidentally send last three years account details/back statements one company their direct competitor

Ridiculous Things Coworkers Didn't Get Fired For

Apparently everyone could be working way less hard.
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Funny dumb times people mistook things they were holding | jmckay88 2.5k points 1 day ago Rolled blueberry and ate dice dungeons and dragons game roleplay

Confused Times People Forgot What They Were Holding

The ol' autopilot switcharoo.
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fails and dumb facepalm moments |  3 mins First time posting. Please be gentle can flip this image so my son is facing camera tried using Flip Canvas Horizontal" and also "Image Invert" but nothing seems work! Please help can L flip flnis picture so he is facing forward? | Arizona JDM Lifestyle 28 mins Shift ball thing $10 O85210 MESSAGE New. Selling only because learned have change whole transmission get 6th gear. 46R

Classic Facepalm Moments of Incompetence

It never ends.
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Chaos, fails, mistakes and messes | accidentally sawing through a measuring tape | Ryder truck broken crushed semi trailer

Misfortune Monday: Messes Large and Small

Every screw-up has its time to shine.
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Funny images of cats ruining things | white cat with spots sticking its head through a hole in a purple wall | grey cat sitting on top of a pizza slice in a cardboard box

Cats Messing Stuff Up

They don't care about anything.
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Funny moments and stories of kids being strange and dumb | Yeste rday at 9:32 AM O nurse's 9 year old daughter left this on sidewalk by their house so she could see she returned home hospital. Her daughter mixed up E and O can.not.stop.laughing ORE LTVE | kevinbiegel O @kbiegel RIEGEL'S ANDING My sister take her kid's Nintendo Switch away at night, so kids made fake Switch and tried swipe real one and put fake its place.

Funny Moments of Kids Being Stupid and Weird

Just when you think they've learned something...
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Improperly installed things and badly done jobs | painting white road markings over a dead squid lying on the ground | pillar with a piece carved out of it to allow a ceiling fan to rotate through it

Wonderfully Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments

Good work everyone let's call it a wrap.
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Chaos, mistakes and failures | man coming down a staircase to find a deep hole being dug at the bottom | cat being held by its scruff covered in Styrofoam balls

Monday Misfortune: Refreshingly Unconventional Mishaps

Weird mistakes are still happening.
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Funny, stupid, creepy and dirty design fails | family tree arranged so that a brother and sister produce a dog offspring | shirt that says the 7th annual capital jazz jizz fest

Weird and Dumb Design Fails That Don't Make The Cut

Good try, everyone.
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Funny, wtf and weird chaos, misfortune and fails | trash bin overflowing with unbaked raw dough | car stuck in a big road pothole with its back end sticking in the air

Misfortune Monday: Strange and Specific Mishaps

Like when you forget that dough also rises in a dumpster.
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People respond to an AskReddit thread about the most expensive mistakes they've ever made | reddit posted by matthumor Paying Medical school my wife who then divorced at end residency.

Most Expensive Mistakes People Have Made

Some mistakes are more costly than others.
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Old people making mistakes online and with technology | facebook Ceramic pig no real Not real pig is ceramic pig pics of a black and white pig figurine | Honey Do Service, Inc Get FREE estimate NOW! One call does all. No job too big, no job too small. Professional Insured 1yr-Warranty Proudly serving and surrounding areas. GET FREE ESTIMATE NOW Honey Do Service, Inc Home Improvement Patricia If Jesus comes tomorrow then ok will reschedule

Old People Doing Their Best with The Technology

Being technologically literate has a steep learning curve.
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Chaotic moments of failure, messes, mistakes and misfortune | car that got painted white while parking. santa claus getting arrested by a police officer.

Unfortunate Moments of Chaos and Failure

There's misfortune around every corner.
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Unlucky moments of chaos, fails and messes | hide the pain harold standing next to a car with a clamp on its wheels. person's legs hanging from a crumbling hole in the ceiling.

Unfortunate Moments When Failure and Chaos Reigned

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