Vehicles that were too tall and hit things. | trucks containers crushed falling apart after trying to pass under low passageways

Unfortunate Vehicles that Couldn't Make the Clearance

What was that sound?
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funny design fails and mistakes | small white toy truck with the writing "fart superior" on it | toilet paper holder so low on the wall that the paper drags on the floor

Design Failures that Deserve Some Blame

It could use an extra set of eyes.
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funny facepalm fails | girl keeps sending my local news station screenshots landscape Red Dead Redemption 2 their "Out and About" news segment and they keep putting on news thinking 's photo. Bella salute COURTESY BELLA MCGUIRE 6:2 | rat boy @jnudey please excuse while search new psychiatrist 3:40 LTE (630) iMessage Today 3:36 PM Behavioral Health Education Services. Justin has an appt with Dr. Marshall on Monday, October 7 at 12:45 PM. Reply confirm date and time e?p Justin, this is not

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Best and Brightest

We try, sort of.
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failure and misfortune | truck going over a wooden bridge and leaving a broken trail in the planks its made of | melted plastic covering a frozen chicken

Misfortune Monday: The Many Layers of "Oops"

Things just keep happening.
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funny stupid moments of failure | If ever feel sad just remember my friend and his girlfriend peeled 102 garlic gloves recipe and then realized said 1 2 garlic cloves | Why is there car inside bank car reflecting in window

Dumb Moments of Failure and Stupidity

It's a steady stream of dumbness.
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moments of misfortune and chaos | car door trunk slice through with rope | fluffy dog covered in popcorn cereal stuck to its face

Misfortune Monday: Things Just Keep Happening

It won't stop.
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relatable inconveniences that can ruin a day | Ya--Like--Jazz 8.4k points 12 hours ago My dryer not drying my clothes all way before work winter.

Small Things That Can Ruin a Day

Some inconveniences take on a life of their own.
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Red flags people had on resumes | Alleylovescoffee very unprofessional email is definitely one see some insane emails ask knew someone who got an email address had big daddy

Resume Red Flags People Have Seen

There are some things that are worth not including.
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Mistakes, messes, fails and chaos | woman climbing out of a car stuck on top of a concrete road divider | huge milk puddle on the floor from spilled containers

Misfortune Monday: Things Don't Always Go as Planned

Chaos has many flavors.
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funny "you had one job" fails | ironic misaligned store sign that spells alignment | crooked and overlapping road marks markings

Self-Defeating "You Had One Job" Moments

Great work, everyone.
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failure, mistakes and messes | dry spot in the shape of a person lying on their side on wet ground | metal screw inside an ice cream

Unpredictable Moments of Chaos and Misfortune

It's always something.
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Funny times people didn't do their job | pipe spilling water out of a brick wall right onto a wooden bench | chocolate bunny wrapped in a santa claus wrapper

Wonderfully Incompetent "Not My Job" Moments

Keep up the good work.
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Funny moments of kids being dumb and weird | cassietotallyjust first grade wanted grow up be bird and one day remember my neck and arms being covered little red bumps and thought transformation beginning and ran my teacher crying saying wasn't ready become bird yet and turned out just allergic yogurt and wasn't turning into bird at all

Proof that Kids are Stupid and Weird

They're not smart people.
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funny stupid fails and facepalm moments | Apparently took 3 my aunts way too long figure out why candle wouldn't light. 2xC batteries Made China 12:41 PM 19 Jan 18 electric candle

Classic Facepalm Moments of Stupidity

Sometimes it hurts to watch.
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dumb purchases people made | ogkudo 28.5k points 27 days ago went on school field trip Washington DC back middle school bought 2 bill at souvenir shop 20. smh

Dumbest Things People Spent Money On

At 3 AM a three-in-one blender/juicer/convection oven seems like a very smart purchase.
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Big messes kids made | child sitting on the floor with colored pens drawing on a white dog | young kid smearing chocolate syrup on a cushion of a white couch while two dogs watch from behind

A Few Compelling Reasons to Not Have Kids

They're not for everyone.
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