messes, problems, misfortune and people having bad days

Blunders, Goofs, Mistakes, Failures and Chaos

Messes, misfortune, errors and inconvenient circumstances.
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expensive mistakes stories

People Share Their Most Expensive Mistakes

We're all one small decision away from total financial ruin.
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funny sign jokes

Funny Signs That Took Humor Into The Second Dimension

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dumb injuries that people had

Stupid Ways People Accidentally Injured Themselves

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funny lazy design fails

Design Fails That Need A Little Work

Uh, if you say so?
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old people trying and failing to use social media

Old People Who Struggled To Master Social Media

It's a process.
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mistakes, chaos and failures

Misfortune Monday: Learn To Let Things Slide

Oof magoof.
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funny design failures

Design Failures That Could Have Used Some Effort

Great work.
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fails, chaos and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: Let The Good Times Roll

Let them roll away.
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messes, misfortune, mistakes and failure

Misfortunate People Having Very Bad, Horrible, No Good Days

Chaos is inevitable.
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dumb stupid facepalm moments

Goofs, Blunders, Mishaps and Facepalm Moments

Such fascinating lives we lead.
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misfortune, chaos, mistakes and failures

Misfortune Monday: We Gotta Roll With It

What else is there to do?
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funny mistakes, errors and blunders

Goofs and Blunders That Should Have People Rethinking Their Choices

Observation is key.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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fails, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: That's How It Goes

It just goes like that.
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facepalm moments of people being stupid

Stupid Facepalm Moments Of Human Moronitude

Good work everyone.
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