Now It's One Thing for Regular Old Car Owners to Tape Up Their Cars

mirror tape truck - 6336130304
Created by DaviOliveira

CLASSIC: Mirror Decorations WIN

classic design Hall of Fame mirror Portal video games - 6357062400
Created by Unknown

Comeback WIN

bathroom gross mirror note sign warning - 6346369024
Created by Unknown

If No One Will Date Me, I'll Date Myself

date dating mirror prom school - 6321784064
Created by SHADOWdeomEatEr

Scooter Security FAIL

mirror scooter security - 6299875840
Created by Unknown

To Be Fair, She Could Stand to Lose a Few Pounds

Text - 25 May via Mobile So I've decided I need to do something to get over my irrational fear of whales, any ideas? Like Comment Go swimmin with 1?? Haha! X 25 May at 23:31 Like :O what if it eats me?? :(lol! 25 May at 23:37 via Mobile Like | Then ur fecked! Ahaa! Just kiddin don't swim with 1 ur fears ok its not asif ur gunna walk past 1 in town! Cud be worse u could be scared off buttons :/looool 25 May at 23:39 Like | Haha yeah :) 25 May at 23:45 via Mobile Like IStop looking in the mirror.

You Don't Have Mirrors at Work?

clown mirror what work - 6245194240
Created by reszta546

Me Myself and I

mirror test - 6214732800
Created by JennaTalia

50 Percent of the View, 200 Percent of the Cool

car fail car fix duct tape mirror - 6205625600
Created by Beau Blithe

Taking Pictures FAIL

camera mirror mothers day underwear - 6205858048
Via Bits & Pieces

Profile Pic FAIL

mirror Photo - 6202173696
Created by Unknown


car fail car fix frankenstein mirror - 6146509568
Created by shobo81

Mirror Shot

mirror profile picture self shot - 6120540928
Created by Unknown

Mirror Room WIN

art design mirror - 6044989440
Created by Unknown

Dating Fails: LOVE ME

birds dating fails g rated love me mirror - 5999436032
Via Coelasquid

Self-Esteem WIN

bathroom encouragement mirror self esteem - 6005743360
Created by Unknown