What Every Parent Thinks When They Buy a Minivan

bumper sticker cool kids minivan parenting g rated - 8140938240
Via NObeardNodice

Half Minivan, Half Pickup, Half Limo

limo minivan car fix pickup g rated there I fixed it - 7140506624
Created by Unknown

Putting the "Mini" Back in "Minivan"

minivan small car - 7081132544
Created by AnassRhammar

Minivan Conversion Done Right

minivan pickup - 7077782272
Created by Unknown

Outta the Way Nerds, I'm Late for Mystery Solving!

minivan paint job - 6991451648
Created by Unknown

The Van Was Silver, But Now It's Just Rust

minivan duct tape - 6957071360
Created by AnassRhammar

80-Dollar Pet Barrier? I Don't Think So!

minivan car fix car fail - 6941663488
Created by Matt

The New Dodge Ram 500

minivan pickup truck pickup truck bed g rated there I fixed it - 6950217984
Created by AnassRhammar

Stick 'Em Up!

minivan stick prop - 6916575488
Created by Rezman

Less Weight = More Speed

rear window minivan - 6922455040
Created by ScottyMcUsh

Wife Wanted a Minivan, Husband Wanted a Pickup

minivan trailers pickup - 6828002304
Created by Jon

Soccer Moms Need a Little 'MURRICA in Their Lives Too

minivan big wheels g rated there I fixed it - 6847446016
Created by Unknown

Gotta Feel the Breeze!

minivan convertible - 6855680256
Created by Unknown

A Removable Handle is Better Than No Handle

minivan door handle - 6810501120
Created by fishybell

Proud Mama

kindergarten minivan proud parents graduation - 6740063744
Created by chuckinator ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Swag Wagon Alert!

bumper minivan - 6599494144
Created by Unknown
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