Meth prevention ad for South Dakota.

South Dakota's New Anti-Meth Campaign Slogan is "Meth. We're On It"

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The Finest in Caucasian Cuisine

name a dish white people cook better than blacks
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Well, It's Not Untrue

funny memes bacon healthier than crystal meth

Favorite Class

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Drugs of The Decades

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Heisenberg Finds Alternate Selling Methods

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Security Still Hasn't Caught Up With Her

booze news drugs meth wal mart - 5541254656
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Go Home News, You're Tweaking

news drugs meth - 7582516992
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news drugs meth oh god why - 70101249

The Easter Bunny Has a Little Surprise. SPOILERS: It's Meth.

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Dude, What's in Those Hotdogs?

that hotdog really gives me energy
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Job Applications Have Some Weird Questions

a sign you might not want to work there.
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What Tipped Off the Cops?

cops drugs meth arrested funny after 12 g rated - 8420133376
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Wait Are They, Bath Salts or "Bath Salts?"

A picture of breaking bad bath salts as a christmas gift
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They Need to Up Their Meth Game

Math Team gets called meth team
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Meth Is Terrible

drugs meth funny after 12 - 8405993728
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Know the Dangers of Making Meth

drugs meth funny - 8383249920
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