Baking Bad

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By Unknown

Of Course They Like You, You're Bribing Them With Drugs

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By pfffftttchhlolool

"Yo Sup, Want Some Drugs?"

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By Unknown

It Can Be Yours For Only $499.99!

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By Unknown

Group Activity

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After 12: I Don't Know If The New Missionary Strategy Will Work Out

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By Unknown
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ECarnage's Dad Has a Condiment that Goes with Everything

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Use Advertising To Increase Business

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By Jeff

Targeted Advertising FAIL

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By Chuseph

I Came For The Soda, I Stayed For The Addiction FAIL

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By Unknown

Drug Dealer FAIL

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Spelling FAIL

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As Long As It Isn't Serious or Anything...

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The Pros and Cons of Meth

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By Rieper47


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