Turning That FAIL Upside-Down!

meta spelling correction - 7170636032
Created by strangelilvampyr

Just Doin' Mah Job!

pie charts Music FAILS meta graphs - 7229278464
Created by Unknown

You Forgot a Few...

Music FAILS meta justin bieber - 6810444800
Created by heartx

Music FAILS: Rolling in the Deep

meta Music FAILS sex - 6501332224
Created by Unknown

Failbook: Your Facebook Timeline

cover photo facebook facebook timeline failbook g rated meta timeline - 6501000448
Created by Unknown

Changes at Cheezburger

meta news - 6499994112
Created by Unknown

Now THAT'S Meta!

error error message meta - 6458981120
Created by Unknown

Failbook: If Facebook Were Facemagazine Weekly

facebook failbook g rated magazine meta people - 6430772224
Created by Unknown

Memebase: Now If Only Failbook Comments Could Do This

comments derp meta youtube - 6431119872
Via Herp Derp the YouTubes

But Not Anymore

Ad beyoncé meta michael jackson - 6412705280
Created by heartinlandslide

Failbook: Share If You Agree! Like If You Don't!

color facebook failbook g rated meta share - 6376481536
Created by evelbug

Meta-Comments WIN

clever comment meta youtube - 6277716224
Created by Unknown

"Thank You, FAIL Blog"

1d Ad meta one direction - 6268957952
Created by Skulltula

Music FAILS: FAIL Blog Goes to Sasquatch Music Festival

festival live meta Music Music FAILS - 6276685312
Created by Unknown

This Isn't a Rage Comic, It's a Rage PROPHECY!

comic dancing drinking meta rage comic - 6238588416

Rational vs. Irrational

meta taste - 6186719488
Created by Stosyl