A joke from the TV show Community where they say Beetlejuice three times in three years ans he shows up.

The 3-Year Long Beetlejuice Gag from "Community"

That takes some patience.
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advertisement super bowl Drake meta Video - 77976577

Drake and T-Mobile's Super Bowl Commercial is Exactly the Type of Meta Genius We Expect From Drake

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Why Am I Not Surprised...

Via A_M_I_R_

FAIL Blog Was So Drunk Last Night

drinking drunk last night meta - 5855244800
By Sanities_Requiem

Juxtapostion FAIL

ads advertising meta world of warcraft - 5020221952
By NeverwaY

You Might as Well Be Watching RedTube

meta - 5174246656
By Unknown

We've Gone too Meta!

Via Brown Cardigan


poorly dressed cute meta rabbit bunny - 8350918400
Via albirabbit
meta parody Music South Park lorde - 65217537

Meta Moment of the Day: Watch the Real Lorde Sing South Park's Parody Song "I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya"

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The Wallpaper of Infinity

yo dawg design meta wallpaper - 8343978240
Via BonziBUDDY_2k


beard facial hair meta poorly dressed g rated - 8328360192
Via Spiral Beard(s) and More

If a Comment is About Nothing and Nobody Wants to Read it, Does it Still Count?

comment Inception meta - 8204007424
By yahoo67


Inception poorly dressed meta t shirts - 8185259264
Via skreened

I'm the Guy on the Shirt, See?

poorly dressed meta Memes - 8026102016
Via Vac1127

If You've Been Featured, Let Us Know!

socially awkward penguin whoops meta - 7958495232
By Unknown

Glad Ya Caught That One ;)

meta - 7245121024
By nmwallace
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