moments of misfortune and chaos | car door trunk slice through with rope | fluffy dog covered in popcorn cereal stuck to its face

Misfortune Monday: Things Just Keep Happening

It won't stop.
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Mistakes, messes, fails and chaos | woman climbing out of a car stuck on top of a concrete road divider | huge milk puddle on the floor from spilled containers

Misfortune Monday: Things Don't Always Go as Planned

Chaos has many flavors.
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failure, mistakes and messes | dry spot in the shape of a person lying on their side on wet ground | metal screw inside an ice cream

Unpredictable Moments of Chaos and Misfortune

It's always something.
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Fails. messes, mistakes and chaos | spilled white paint bucket that splashed all over a black car | multiple bird footprints tracks in fresh concrete

Misfortune Monday: All Kinds of Bummers

Taste the many flavors of chaos.
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Big messes kids made | child sitting on the floor with colored pens drawing on a white dog | young kid smearing chocolate syrup on a cushion of a white couch while two dogs watch from behind

A Few Compelling Reasons to Not Have Kids

They're not for everyone.
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Unlucky mishaps, mistakes and messes | person on the phone standing next to bicycle that completely dented a car while remaining undamaged | engraved pen that reads PLEASE USE UPLOADED LOGO

Monday Misfortune: Mistakes and Messes

There's a time and place for "oops."
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Chaos, fails, mistakes and messes | accidentally sawing through a measuring tape | Ryder truck broken crushed semi trailer

Misfortune Monday: Messes Large and Small

Every screw-up has its time to shine.
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Funny images of cats ruining things | white cat with spots sticking its head through a hole in a purple wall | grey cat sitting on top of a pizza slice in a cardboard box

Cats Messing Stuff Up

They don't care about anything.
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Funny, wtf and weird chaos, misfortune and fails | trash bin overflowing with unbaked raw dough | car stuck in a big road pothole with its back end sticking in the air

Misfortune Monday: Strange and Specific Mishaps

Like when you forget that dough also rises in a dumpster.
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Chaotic moments of failure, messes, mistakes and misfortune | car that got painted white while parking. santa claus getting arrested by a police officer.

Unfortunate Moments of Chaos and Failure

There's misfortune around every corner.
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Children being frustrating and messy | pic of a baby smearing the contents of a discarded chocolate syrup bottle all over a white couch and their own face, two dogs are watching from behind. pic of a toddler sitting inside an aquarium and putting a tube from the water filtering system in their mouth.

Moments That Are Good Reasons To Not Have Kids

Consider this a form of birth control.
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Unlucky moments of chaos, fails and messes | hide the pain harold standing next to a car with a clamp on its wheels. person's legs hanging from a crumbling hole in the ceiling.

Unfortunate Moments When Failure and Chaos Reigned

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Children making messes and generally being terrible.

Messy and Convincing Reasons to Not Have Kids

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fail memes

19 Disappointing Times Life Was Relentless

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Sad pics bad sucks twitter news messes destruction cars funny boats - 6930693

21 Times Life Decided to Give People a Hard Time

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