failure and chaos

Chaotic Moments Of Failure And Misfortune

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funny mistakes, errors and blunders

Goofs and Blunders That Should Have People Rethinking Their Choices

Observation is key.
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failure chaos and misfortune

Unpredictable Moments Of Failure And Chaos

The world is a mess.
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parenting fails and kids messing things up

18 Times Kids Made Parenting Way More Challenging

What a joy.
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kids making mistakes and being dumb

28 Decent Reasons Not To Have Children

Congratulations, it's a problem.
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mistakes, chaos and failures

Misfortune Monday: Learn To Let Things Slide

Oof magoof.
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fails, chaos and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: Let The Good Times Roll

Let them roll away.
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messes, misfortune, mistakes and failure

Misfortunate People Having Very Bad, Horrible, No Good Days

Chaos is inevitable.
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misfortune, chaos, mistakes and failures

Misfortune Monday: We Gotta Roll With It

What else is there to do?
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stories of terrible houseguests

The Most Disrespectful Houseguests People Have Had

"Get out, git!"
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fails, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: That's How It Goes

It just goes like that.
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moments of chaos and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: Life Is Just Like This

Thanks, life.
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images of mistakes, messes, chaos and failure

Misfortune Monday: Why Should Anything Go Right?

Thanks, world.
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cats, dogs and birds who destroyed people's things

Animals Who Shamelessly Wrecked Stuff

What are you? Some kind of animal?
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wtf moments of chaos, failure and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: Chaos is Unavoidable

Hey look, some chaos.
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Unfortunate fails, mistakes, messes and chaos

Misfortune Monday: The World Keeps On Turnin'

Chaos reigns.
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