AITA for reporting my professor

Entitled Student Reports Professor for Drawing Boundaries at Work

I swear teachers are the most disrespected people...
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Man Sits in Pouring Rain Right Outside of Cafe For Some Inexplicably Important Work Zoom Call

Man Sits in Pouring Rain Right Outside of Cafe For Some Inexplicably Important Work Zoom Call

Yes, his computer broke
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mom breast pump work zoom call story

Boss Insists Breast Pumping Mom Turn Camera On For Work Meeting, Creates New Policy

Well, it worked.
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firefighter work story calls into meeting from active burn

Firefighter Gets Dragged Into Mandatory Work Meeting During Off Hours, Calls In From Active Fire

Fired, you say?
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Weird ways people met their future spouse | hey_sjay 18.6k points 14 hours ago Right after our first kiss he said not looking get married Neither am replied. So anyway married now.

Weird Ways People Met Their Future Spouse

It could happen any which way.
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Red flags when meeting new people.

Red Flags to Consider When Meeting Someone New

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Guy sets ups meetings to reject telemarketers in a chicken suit.

Guy Arranges Meetings With Telemarketers and Shuts Them Down In Person

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Pokémon FAIL meeting Video - 81604865

Being a Pokémon Trainer is F*ckin' Hard Work, Even a State Briefing Shouldn't Stop You

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Pondering the Really Important Questions

monday thru friday question twitter meeting work - 8147328256
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How Many of These Have You Earned?

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Can't We Reschedule?

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And That's How Slogans Are Created

monday thru friday twitter jokes meeting pizza slogan g rated - 8432497920
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This Meeting Shall Come to Order!

monday thru friday costume meeting - 8397707776
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Now That's a Meeting I'd Actually Look Forward To

monday thru friday meeting Cats g rated - 8392883712
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That's the Whole Work Day For Some of Us

monday thru friday lolcats the internets meeting g rated - 8379947776
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monday thru friday meeting Video - 65898497

Ever Had a Meeting Like This One?

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