nurse shares Karen doctors and Karen patient stories from working in the ER

'[The] crap nurses have to deal with...': ER nurse shares the most annoying and downright offensive experiences she has endured at work

From new doctors thinking they know better than the veteran nurses to Karen patients who demand the impossible, the poor nurses get the brunt of it all.
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Viral doctor exposes an unethical dentist and people on the internet share their own horror stories of unethical doctors

"Patients should always trust their gut instincts': Doctor calls out an unethical scamming dentist, internet explodes with similar situations

“I believed my new dentist and 2 years later I have five crowns, two root canals—I have more pain NOW than before.”
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unprofessional doctor stories

People Share The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Told Them

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funny colonoscopy story twitter

Author Tweets His Humorous Trip To His Colonoscopy With Dr. Flemjeans

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An informative Tumblr post on how various herbs that are used as medicines should be used carefully.

Tumblr Post: Herbal Medicines Can Be A Risky Business

Proper research is key.
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stories of people being stupid about medical things

Absurd Medical Misconceptions Professionals Have Witnessed

It's as baffling as it is disappointing.
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stupid, weird and unprofessional things said by doctors

The Most Unprofessional Things People's Doctors Told Them

Time for a second opinion.
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Funny things people said under anesthesia | neeeeerrrrrddddd 6.9k points 7 hours ago most memorable funny one guy who sat bolt upright, mime rolling cigarette and tuck behind his ear "saving ron asked he doing. Anaesthesia can be wild trip kids will always scream they wake up

Things People Said Under Anesthesia

Oh, yes, totally sir.
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Qualified Hospital employee gives patient care, she thinks he's the garbage man | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Truthislife13 22 hours ago Medical care provided by garage man oc M finished my PhD middle terrible recession, and having hard time finding permanent job stayed afloat financially by adjunct teaching (low pay, no benefits) and by doing whatever odd jobs could find volunteer EMT at time, and friend able get night shift job local hospital as an IV technician. Strictly speaking should

IV Tech Lets Absurd Patient Think He's the Janitor

Ah, hospital shenanigans.
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Tumblr user gets schooled on activated charcoal | Natural remedies are good. They do work. And shouldn't make fun them. phoenixonwheels Follow know they give activated charcoal dogs and cats if they get into meds or drink coolant or anything else toxic s because binds with meds and carries them out system without them interacting with body. If on meds and drink this bullshit not on meds today, champ may as well have flushed them down toilet. So kiss goodbye blood pressure meds/antidepressants/an

Tumblr User Gets Schooled on Activated Charcoal

Just because something is considered a "natural remedy" doesn't mean it's always good.
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Stupid things medical patients did | babynursebb 1.0k points 21 hours ago edited 19 hours ago Not after leaving but this older gentleman had his wife bring him n out literal day after his open heart surgery couldn't believe .

Stupid things Medical Patients Did That Made It Worse

It's a pretty good idea to listen to medical professionals.
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Doctors share their best stories about people "asking for friends" when it was probably for them | Freyja_the_derpyderp 9h My father is doctor and he got call once middle night his call share doctors patient man asked do about bump on his "friends" arm he scratched and something came out. He mentioned leaking little oil now zit. He scratched pimple. Woke whole family up at 3 am because he had page my dad over zit.

Doctors' Best "Asking For A Friend" Stories

Those "friends" must feel so lucky.
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Twitter thread breaks down the progression of Italy's Coronavirus experience | Yano @JasonYanowitz If still hanging with friends, going restaurants/bars, and acting like this isn't big deal, get shit together following thread is taken an Italian citizen. As they put rest world have no idea 's coming." As think everybody knows, Italy is on quarantine because coronavirus outbreak. This situation is bad, but 's worse is seeing rest world behaving as if isn't going happen them know thinking because

Twitter Thread: Italy's Coronavirus Experience

An enlightening thread on the progression of Coronavirus in Italy.
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Computational biologist breaks down how he sees the Coronavirus shaking out | Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois should be qualified comment on covid-19 pandemic computational/system biologist working on infectious diseases and have spent five years world class 'pandemic response modelling' unit this thread will summarise believe don't) know 1/12) 10:39 PM Mar 14, 2020 Twitter Web App 19.4K Retweets 46.3K Likes Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois Mar 14 Replying BallouxFrancois After having spent

Twitter Thread: Computational/System Biologist Shares Thoughts On COVID-19

Everyone stay safe out there.
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Twitter thread highlights the differences of American healthcare vs everywhere else in the world | tweet by Kyle McLain @FarmboyinJapan An American client mine experienced medical emergency while Tokyo insisted go hospital. However, she tears, screaming she couldn't afford and absolutely didn't want go grand total her uninsured emergency room visit Tokyo 33

Twitter Thread On American Healthcare Vs Everywhere Else In The World

So a vacation would be cheaper.
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Stories of people faking illnesses and injuries | reddit post jmikk85 25.6k points 1 day ago Opthalmology technician. People pretend be blind all time. Go check their eye pressure with tonopen device poke them DIRECTLY into eye with and they go FUCK IS THING

People Who Faked Injuries and Illnesses

It's gotta be weird to be in medicine.
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