Anti-Vaxxers Owned

17 Times Anti-Vaxxers Got Righteously Owned

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12 People Share What Happened When A Newborn Baby Was Clearly "Not The Father's"

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41 Ex-Anti Vaxxers Share What Turned Them Against Vaccines

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15 Absolutely Nuts Individuals Who Littered Facebook with Crazy

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Trigger An Anti-Vaxxer Into The Next Century With This List

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5 Times Moms Went Full Anti-Vaxxer

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19 Design Fails That We Didn't Deserve

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13 Times Anti-Vaxxers Infected Social Media with Pure Insanity

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10 Of The Craziest Things People Have Said Under Anesthesia

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A Direct Tit

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Commenters Correctly Diagnosed a Woman With a Rare Genetic Disorder

image medicine social media Commenters Correctly Diagnosed a Woman With a Rare Genetic Disorder
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Boner Health is Important

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By PaulaMains

For Those With More Than Five, Consult Physician

insert one capsule per vagina
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Yeah? Well, 690,420 People Die From Dank Memes Every Year!

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