Stupid things medical patients did | babynursebb 1.0k points 21 hours ago edited 19 hours ago Not after leaving but this older gentleman had his wife bring him n out literal day after his open heart surgery couldn't believe .

Stupid things Medical Patients Did That Made It Worse

It's a pretty good idea to listen to medical professionals.
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Man yawns too hard and ends up in the ER | r/tifu u/VanManRTManVan 21h Join 1 1 1 1 TIFU by yawning too hard and ending up ER L So this incident actually this past Friday settled after long week watch movie with my parents couple minutes let loose big yawn because little worn out after long week at my internship. Suddenly felt my jaw kind click" into place, which happens sometimes but can almost always just close back normally should point out one time about two years ago did same thing and had

Man Yawns Too Hard, Ends Up In The ER

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Doctors share their best stories about people "asking for friends" when it was probably for them | Freyja_the_derpyderp 9h My father is doctor and he got call once middle night his call share doctors patient man asked do about bump on his "friends" arm he scratched and something came out. He mentioned leaking little oil now zit. He scratched pimple. Woke whole family up at 3 am because he had page my dad over zit.

Doctors' Best "Asking For A Friend" Stories

Those "friends" must feel so lucky.
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People share their upsides to being quarantined in AskReddit thread | cwtguy 5h No driving work gives two hours my life back with my son each day and saves few hundred bucks month gas.

People's Silver Linings To Being Quarantined

People are finding the bright side where they can.
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conan o'brien making hand sanitizer at home coronavirus

Conan O'Brien's Guide To Making Hand Sanitizer At Home

Good to see Conan's holding up alright.
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Limited food options plus your Coronavirus emotions equals your nickname | tweet by elan gale @theyearofelan quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate out cupboard can call angry chili mango"

Quarantine Moment: Limited Food Options Plus Coronavirus Emotions Equals Nickname

A fun game.
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People on Twitter are going in on Hawaiian Punch drink | tweet by happienatalie love twitter is randomly coming Hawaiian Punch. Isolation really got us thinking

Quarantine Moment: Twitter Goes In On Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch is getting lit up.
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People on Twitter bond over how badly they want haircuts | the simpsons pointing at each other Christopher Maciuba @ChristopMaciuba Replying pattymo First day out quarantine SPRN

Quarantine Moment: People Vent About Wanting Haircuts

We're all going to come out of this with some different looks.
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People share the various plans that they cancelled in response to the Coronavirus outbreak | reddit posted by Iforgotmyother_name 14h My gym time. And apparently eating since everyone wants buy up everything at stores. pic of a grocery store

Plans People Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus

Everything seems to be cancelled.
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Doctor debunks multiple Coronavirus myths on Twitter with facts | Separating facts and fiction started this tweet Faheem Younus, MD @FaheemYounus So hearing many myths about #COVID-19 and would like quickly clear record. Coronavirus will go away Sumer months. Wrong. Previous pandemics didn't follow weather patterns plus as enter summer, there will be winter Southern Hemisphere. Virus is global. O137K 12:06 AM Mar 17, 2020

Doctor Debunks Ten Coronavirus Myths

Fight the spread of misinformation with facts.
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People on Twitter share images and updates of their most meaningful possessions | tweet by Isaac Fitzgerald @lsaacFitzgerald l'l go first. This is small) sword given by King Bhutan over decade ago.

Quarantine Moment: People Share Their Most Meaningful Possessions

Now everyone can spend time with all that cool stuff.
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Brit living in Italy during Coronavirus lockdown talks some sense about the results | As Brit living Italy, here are some things need know: Our supermarkets HAVE STAYED OPEN. They are on slightly reduced hours and have queue get yes s ball-ache) but they are OPEN. EVERY DAY. Deliveries continue arrive so fucks sake, shop like NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS!

Brit Living In Italy Talks Some Sense About Coronavirus

Finally, a break from the hysteria.
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A registered nurse shares a helpful Twitter thread on how to manage having the Coronavirus | smashingteacups @smasheroteacups know all tired hearing/talking about but one thing T HAVEN'T really seen going around is advice happens if DO get coronavirus (many us will only advice try AVOID So as friendly neighborhood RN wee thread: 7:06 AM 11 Mar 20 Twitter iPhone Tweet reply

Twitter Thread: A Registered Nurse's Tips On Treating The Coronavirus

Some helpful information amidst the storm of crazy information.
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dutch netherlands toilet paper warehouse coronavirus

Dutch Bro Reports From Toilet Paper Warehouse

Mountains of TP.
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People share their journal entries from self-quarantine on Twitter | Sir Michael @Michael1979 QUARANTINE DIARY Day 1:1 have stocked up on enough non-perishable food and supplies last months, maybe years, so can remain isolation as long as takes see out this pandemic Day 1+ 45 minutes am supermarket because wanted Twix

People's Absurd Journal Entries From Self-Quarantine

Gotta have that Twix bar.
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Twitter thread breaks down the progression of Italy's Coronavirus experience | Yano @JasonYanowitz If still hanging with friends, going restaurants/bars, and acting like this isn't big deal, get shit together following thread is taken an Italian citizen. As they put rest world have no idea 's coming." As think everybody knows, Italy is on quarantine because coronavirus outbreak. This situation is bad, but 's worse is seeing rest world behaving as if isn't going happen them know thinking because

Twitter Thread: Italy's Coronavirus Experience

An enlightening thread on the progression of Coronavirus in Italy.
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