stories of people being stupid about medical things

Absurd Medical Misconceptions Professionals Have Witnessed

It's as baffling as it is disappointing.
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16 text based images reddit thread US health care fail | thumbnail reddit text "Woman billed $700 after sitting in ER waiting room for 7 hours, leaving without treatment OPATIENTCO Secure P EMORY POBO DALLA e T CE r To Pay Online, go to To Pay by Phone, cal 880-266-0176 TAYLOR DAVIS BALANCE DUE BY SEP 30 ACCOUNT PAST DUE > $688.35 Please pay or make payment arrangements immediately"

Woman Billed $700 After Waiting In ER For 7 Hours, Leaving Without Treatment

Outrageous medical bonanza
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A dude unknowingly exacerbates their allergic reaction, ends up in the ER, and then gets proper diagnosis.

Dude Unknowingly Exacerbates Allergic Reaction, Ends Up In The ER

That could've been a whole lot worse.
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People describe their dumbest "I don't need a doctor" moments.

People's Dumbest "I Don't Need A Doctor" Moments

A doctor was definitely needed.
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Man discovers that he's been living with athlete's foot for years.

Man Discovers He's Been Living With Athlete's Foot For Years

And thus a magical transformation was born.
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Twitter thread on what terminally ill children loved most in their lives.

Twitter Thread: Terminally Ill Children Describe Their Favorite Things In Life

And the rest is just details.
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A doctor friend judges a guy for being an engineer, and then gets rightfully called out.

Doctor Judges Guy For Being An Engineer, Gets Called Out

Seems like a fair call out.
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Man tries to be a tough guy, ignores terrible stomachache, total crisis ensues.

Man Acts Like Tough Guy, Ignores Horrendous Stomachache, Crisis Ensues

Absolutely not the typical stomachache.
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A quick Tumblr thread about the benefit of being a Karen when it comes to one's healthcare. | lunah unicorn tnorn @unicornthO 9N Replying azemezi and @fakeariellejane Look, my friend's grandpa is semi-Karen but best way possible? He got an $80K surgery bill completely forgiven because he asked an itemized bill kept calling daily about them, like $200 scalpel he like so where's my scalpel want my $200 scalpel

Tumblr Thread: Dare To Be A Health Karen

Sometimes it's being a Karen is understandable.
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paramedic using a jetpack to get around mountain scenery air ambulance service

Paramedic Mountain Response With A Jetpack

The future is now.
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Twitter thread about a woman's experience getting lump removed in Iceland | Mary Robinette Kowal e @MaryRobinette lived lIceland found lump. Ihad no idea navigate finding doctor, so went our show's production manager found lump. Can help find doctor? PM: Just go cancer center Okay do get referral? PM s referral?

Twitter Thread: Woman Discovers Lump, Iceland's Healthcare Pulls Through

That's how it should be.
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Stupid things medical patients did | babynursebb 1.0k points 21 hours ago edited 19 hours ago Not after leaving but this older gentleman had his wife bring him n out literal day after his open heart surgery couldn't believe .

Stupid things Medical Patients Did That Made It Worse

It's a pretty good idea to listen to medical professionals.
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Man yawns too hard and ends up in the ER | r/tifu u/VanManRTManVan 21h Join 1 1 1 1 TIFU by yawning too hard and ending up ER L So this incident actually this past Friday settled after long week watch movie with my parents couple minutes let loose big yawn because little worn out after long week at my internship. Suddenly felt my jaw kind click" into place, which happens sometimes but can almost always just close back normally should point out one time about two years ago did same thing and had

Man Yawns Too Hard, Ends Up In The ER

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Doctors share their best stories about people "asking for friends" when it was probably for them | Freyja_the_derpyderp 9h My father is doctor and he got call once middle night his call share doctors patient man asked do about bump on his "friends" arm he scratched and something came out. He mentioned leaking little oil now zit. He scratched pimple. Woke whole family up at 3 am because he had page my dad over zit.

Doctors' Best "Asking For A Friend" Stories

Those "friends" must feel so lucky.
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People share their upsides to being quarantined in AskReddit thread | cwtguy 5h No driving work gives two hours my life back with my son each day and saves few hundred bucks month gas.

People's Silver Linings To Being Quarantined

People are finding the bright side where they can.
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conan o'brien making hand sanitizer at home coronavirus

Conan O'Brien's Guide To Making Hand Sanitizer At Home

Good to see Conan's holding up alright.
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