entitled Karen asks for advice on how to neglect family in need

Entitled Karen Won't Help Her Family, Asks For Advice

These are the ones you really hope aren't real
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entitled bride doesn't want grooms grandma at wedding

Entitled Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's Grandma At Wedding Because She Isn't Cool

The internet weighed in.
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Guy cracks wildly inappropriate joke about his girlfriend while at dinner.

Guy Gives Girlfriend Hard Time Over Meal Choice, Asks If He's Wrong

Definitely not cool, man.
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A collection of absolutely brutal insults that people used without relying on swear words.

Ruthless Insults That Didn't Require Profanity

Oh boy, these are great.
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Guy breaks up with his fiancé after it's revealed she's mean to waitstaff

Fiancé Reveals She's A Total Karen, Dude Breaks It Off

Better late than never.
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Customer rudely demands no ice, bartender pours him drink with no cup

Rude Gentleman Demands No Ice, Gets Less Than That

Give the man what he wants and less.
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Awful customers get fired over their nasty behavior.

Awful Customers Get Fired For Their Behavior

Sweet justice.
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A terrible, toxic, micromanager owner gets outed by an ex-employee and has to end up paying $50,000 | r/ProRevenge posted by melindee Revenge tune 50000+ on owner who wrongfully fired This is lengthy story happened around 6 years ago applied job as bar manager at new restobar opened up my area Ontario, Canada

Toxic Bar Owner Gets Outed By Employee To The Tune Of $50,000

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Nightmare bride wants to remove a bridesmaid from her wedding for having cancer | Hey girls have something need run by y'all. So Mader didn't have cancer whenl invited her be my bridesmaid but now having second thoughts about her being wedding. Like, she mentioned other day her hair has started fall out bit and noticed looking thinner than normal just can't

Bridezilla Worried Bridesmaid's Chemotherapy Will Ruin Wedding

The bridesmaid has a way with words.
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A collection of times that people got destroyed online | nathanwpyle Then again country doesn't use metric system is only one have landed men on moon, so D 6 16 13h About NASA uses lo gical system and only time someone tried use Imperial space they ended up crashing Mars.

Times The Written Word Crushed People Online

Never underestimate the power of the written word!
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People that were fools online and got served an extra does of reality | Adrian Adriviix 1h Replying CyberpunkGame Fun fact game is gonna die lest then year if don't bring multiplayer 242 2721 65 Witcher O @witchergame ·52m Ok. Q 42 27 102 1,611

Clueless People That Got Extra Large Servings Of Reality

No coming back from that.
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A collection of insults that didn't use swear words | True-Fire-Senzhi 5h INSOLENT LUMP BUTTER!

People's Best Clean Insults

Bless your heart.
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immoral acts that are still legal to do | plankto-ed 6.6k points 19 hours ago 3 e S Unplugging friends phone charge own visiting their house

Things That Are Immoral But Not Quite Illegal

It's not illegal to be horrible.
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Woman ends up taking a pro revenge on an evil bank | No changes can be made without account holder Malicious Complaince thought this belonged here and power-tripping mod over there decided remove original post after breaking his own commenting rules and getting called out recent story reminded this act malicious compliance by family member. This family member's spouse passed involved an accident left them critically injured. They were ICU months and would face permanent disability upon

Woman Takes Revenge On Evil Bank

That bank was heartless.
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trashy and wtf cringe moments of people being selfish | Warning all stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc This is someone paid their food at Huddle House. Needless say no longer take rolled coins sorry honest folks | Sunbathing and Barbeques are not allowed cemetery. PLEASE SHOW RESPECT

Trashy Moments Bubbling with Garbage-osity

People can be selfish sometimes.
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Girl complains about her looks so her boyfriend suggests makeup or surgery | AITA suggesting my girlfriend she start wearing makeup again? Asshole My (24M) girlfriend "Maya 26F) is most beautiful woman on Earth, literally perfect top bottom. She drafted by really big modeling agency LA while were college met) and she made an unbelievable amount money, enough pay off all her student loans and buy us house also have 1yo son.

Girlfriend Complains About Looks, Man Suggests Surgery

Could've handled that better, bud.
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