Dad decides to craft an invincible mailbox amidst a road grader's inconsiderate antics.

Dad Crafts Invincible Mailbox Amidst Road Grader's Antics

Love us some good old fashioned mailbox drama.
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A scoundrel keeps running down a family's mailbox, so they create an invincible mailbox | r/ProRevenge u/Punch_Drunk_AA 4y Join New mailbox, 20 bucks. New car 10k. Finally place post this story. My best friend and are both sons police officers. His dad Highway Patrolman and mine Deputy Sheriff and detective. They are both retired now and living comfortably. This story happened shortly after both graduated high school about 15 years ago. My buddy and grew up rural area and most part very quiet

Scoundrel Runs Down Family's Mailbox, Family Creates Invincible Mailbox

The steel mailbox always wins.
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A funny Tumblr post about a nasty snowplow dude losing to a steel enforced mailbox | Let's see little punks smash my letterbox now aerylon Folgen This reminds this guy who used live on my dad's street. Every time snowed snow plow would take out his mailbox and only his mail box. And just be clear done

Tumblr Story: Snowplow Loses To Dad's Steel Enforced Mailbox

Snowplow never stood a chance.
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Fun mailboxes that are made to look like other things | atm machine shaped like a game boy console. mail box shaped like a person riding a bike with the door situated on the butt

Weird and Cool Mailboxes that Deliver the Goods

Take that, normal mailboxes.
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When It's This Cold, I Don't Really Try Either

mailbox snow winter - 4352822528
Created by Shane

Red Neck Trash can

mailbox not intended use trash can - 3183666176
Created by Unknown

Bag That Idea

mail mailbox postal service - 6121289984
Created by Unknown

You're slacking, Mr. McFreely!

mailbox package funny there I fixed it - 7743158016
Created by timbonumber5

The Delivery Guy is Resourceful

Via HeyjonA

Just Trying to Do My Job Here

monday thru friday mailbox mailman mail police - 8351103232
Via Dump a Day


monday thru friday mailbox package delivery - 8307709440
Via NickCool3

Being a Mailman Can Be Dangerous

monday thru friday mailbox mailman spider note mail g rated - 8302937600
Via setterisbetter

What Did the Mailman Ever Do to You?

monday thru friday mailbox work mailman - 8113056000
Via Google

Ah! Mail!

funny hacked irl mailbox snowman winter - 7926347264
Created by Unknown

Mailbox Slammed By a Palm Tree?

mailbox there I fixed it duct tape g rated - 7854331648

Easier Than Putting Up a Post

mailbox funny there I fixed it - 7733807872
Created by Sexycajunprincess
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