A collection of times that people tried to lie online and got called out for it. | do not have facebook never have. So do loose 's up Get telegram commenting Facebook account. Google does same Doesn't Having an Google on my phone tracks my destinations, has access all my contacts and pictures Tracks my searches. Ect ect | MPJ O @MikePitt_Jr did say thisO get paid play football not dance. Don't believe everything see on internet. Might be fight this weekend. Michael Pittman Indy said he's going

Lousy Liars That Can Take Their Lies Elsewhere

We're not buying any of their lies.
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Guy lies about being a marine and then gets catfished back by the person he texted | Hey are Sorry who is this 's Justin Justin marine met awhile back Sorry can send picture or something ?1 really don't remember

Guy Lies About Being Marine, Gets Catfished Back

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Doordash delivery driver lies about getting a tip, so the customer decides to report them. | AITA reporting my delivery driver? Not hole Last night exhausted work and forgot thaw any meat, so ordered Doordash dinner gave 4 tip on 12 order my food arrived, my roommate opened door as bathroom heard my roomie ask driver "did she tip on app AND DRIVER SAID NO! My roomie gave them few bucks keep by front door situations just like this and sent them on their way got out bathroom asked up and they

Doordash Delivery Driver Lies About Tip, Woman Reports Driver

Just tell the truth, folks.
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A collection of times that people got called out for spreading dishonesty | So where do go here, should venmo 5 or is there link should click Wow guess think l'm fake. Whatever No, but if theres one thing learned Navy its If looks good be true probably is But who knows, maybe Im just an idiot Maybe are this time Nope took literally 5 minutes reverse image search on google pictures are an instagram model: rhiastylex. Nice try Sent

Blatant Liars That Need To Stop Their Lies

Dishonest reviews are a poison on this earth.
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Owner responds to bad customer review who brought rocks to verify | Robert Hamilton have been store many times and spent respectable amount money came one day with some stones and crystals ask they were (some which purchased there owner came out side-room and basically lost her mind refusing even look at had. She would not even let explain some my collection purchased there WILL NEVER SET FOOT STORE AGAIN WILL WITHER GO OTHER STORES LOCAL AREA OR DRIVE SOUTHERN

Customer Called Out for Making Store His Personal Gem Show

Lying customers be lying.
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Petty revenge about an idiot manager getting embarrassed in front of employees | r/pettyrevenge Join u/DownrightDrewski 2d Idiot manager lies new employee, and then gets made look silly front most his team working at dodgy retail place where l'd been told could earn commission, and they'd told worked had hit particular figure, but once had got commission on everything very careful clarify this included threshold amount, not just everything over figure figure pretty high shop but figured possible

Manager Lies To Employee, Employee Embarrasses Manager

Manager absolutely had it coming.
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A collection of times that people got called out for telling lies on the internet | 1 review 3 months ago worst nightclub London. RUN AWAY nightclub does not deserve even star put out no reason after spending 100 their club manager is catastophic and uncompromising only screams and insults tourists like us. My worst experience lived all my life. Do not go there or will be disappointed ever (Owner) 3 months ago

Lazy, Shady, And Lame Liars Getting Outed Online

They need to quit all the lying like yesterday.
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A collection of times that liars got called out on social media | One my homegirls painted this Dang am soooo fine Be great homegirl must be an expert at filtering | Customer service terrible went there today but guy serving started complaining cause wanted refund, and thats just not an employee should be acting Response owner 2 weeks ago bought figures and then 3 weeks later wanted return them because needed money back refunded figures even though didn't have

Liars That Tried To Lie And Failed Miserably

These liars need to give it a permanent rest.
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Pub owner shuts down a ridiculous, dishonest review | Cowshed at Hucknall COWSHED Pub/Bar Hucknall 309 people checked here Hi, thanks reaching out love feedback, whether be positive or negative especially love feedback like this so others can see type people have deal with sometimes. First all address 700 and party claim have spent now both know this isn't true don't s not even remotely accurate as spent, but l'll crunch numbers

Pub Owner Snipes Dishonest Review With Cold Hard Facts

There's no coming back from this.
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Woman tells all the lies and ends up being put on the news for it | r/ProRevenge u/forestcabin123k 2d Join 1 1 1 1 Helped Destroy My Trust Humanity Put on News! Once upon time almost 49F) had an extremely close friend Mindy Hell, she not just my friend, she like sister met grade school. She pursued my friendsip, always tried sit next always wanting talk. Over years would spend lots time at each other's houses, but by time were 19, my house our meeting place because she had extremely bad family

Woman Tells Terrible Lies, Gets Put On The News

Mindy was on a tear.
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A collection of times that liars got called out for lying | Saturday, June 13, 2020 wanna Buy"Gameboy Advance Pokemon Leaf Hreen still available? 3:57 PM Yes 's still available 3:57 PM Can send code 3:57 PM Code? 3:58 PM Bookmarked here unread messages

Laughable Lying Liars That Got Called Out

Love a good call out.
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Guest tries to get employee fired for doing their job, backfires in glorious fashion | r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk u/LobbyJockey 1y don't like but really 1 Guest tries get fired doing my job, admits she's doing just be b**ch" and results are highly satisfying. Long This happened back April. tl;dr at end. Around mid-morning, an attractive young woman came into lobby and asked key her cousin's room (who call "Shi-Shi Garcia Cousin Can get key room 207 checking Is Ms. Garcia here with She sighed loudly

Guest Tries To Get Employee Fired For Doing Their Job

Some people are just the worst.
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A collection of times that people got called out for lying online | love food here but not tonight had awesome asparagus till tonight out date asparagus. Told manager and he argued with Who does am manager at hair alon. Customer is always right no matter Like Response owner 6 months ago Our asparagus is brought fresh daily KNOW food excellent wrote this because were caught walking tab (literally snuck out back door) without paying bill | My landlord wants play but he picked wrong tenant IS RESPO

Lousy Liars That Got Called Out Online

Enough with all the lies.
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A collection of times that liars got called out for trying to spread lies | NOT Western is NOT Western is NOT Western. Do research. This is samurai show, specifically Ronin samurai show. Every trope, storyline or cliche see comes Samurai films INFLUENCED Westerns does NOT make Western TheMandalorian BITCH CAROLE BASKIN! did thing today because bored haha #tigerking #joeexotic 11h 6h Reply am reporting this image stole my hard work on facebook and on Instagram now. are special kind garbage person

Liars That Got Outed By The World's Truth Seekers

Enough is enough.
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A collection of times that liars got called out for telling lies online | 4 months ago Burritos reminded Taco bell USA. Completely plastered sauce. Self service, or no service. Ridiculous high price cafeteria food. Beer best. Their own Mikeller can beer. Therefore 1 star. Otherwise no stars them. O Like Share Response owner 4 months ago cannot take this review seriously, since do not serve Burritos.

Laughable Liars That Got Outed Online

They need to drop the act.
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A collection of the dumbest lies that people's friends told that failed miserably | ProfessorGigs 1y became friends with one my best buddies because he claimed have Raichu Super Smash Brothers Melee foundation our friendship built on lie still friends though.

Dumbest Lies Friends Told To Impress That Failed Terribly

The fact they think people will believe them is truly absurd.
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