stranger claims woman's house is her childhood home and demands entry, she's lying

Stranger Demands Entry Claiming She Used To Live At Woman's House, Not What She Seems

Stay vigilant.
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AAA customer lies about baby being locked inside car, gets keys locked in again

AAA Customer Lies That He's Locked A Baby In His Car, Gets Instant Karma

Don't lie to AAA, apparently.
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husband watches football game while life goes into labor, tries lying about it to his mother

Husband Watches Football Game While Wife Goes Into Labor, Tries Lying About It

Oh boy.
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Girl claims to speak Swedish, guy talks to girl in Swedish, girl gets outed for making it up.

Girl Claims To Speak Swedish, Guy Talks To Girl In Swedish, Girl Gets Outed For Lying

Honesty is really the best policy.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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People describe the most obvious lies that they were ever told.

Most Obvious Fake Lies People Were Told

Enough with all the lies, folks.
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People describe the dumbest lies that they were actually able to get away with.

AskReddit Thread: Dumbest Lies People Actually Pulled Off

People can be dangerously gullible.
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Bar owner addresses an angry and lying customer's review with facts | Pensacola, Florida Never again went Token based on friend's recommendation because love arcade games. Wow were so disappointed employees were beyond rude service horrible. Everything behind bar looked so dirty glasses looked like they had not been cleaned weeks. My husband attempted play several machines, but they were broken. No one who worked there seemed care at all. Is there job act

Bar Owner Handles Lying Customer's Review With Facts

Customer got 86'ed.
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A collection of times that people got called out for trying to lie online.

Liars That Got Called Out Online For Their Shady Antics

Bring on all the justice.
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Wife discovers husband sells her sandwiches at work so he can buy fast food.

Husband Sells Wife-Made Sandwiches For Dirty Burger Money

Sounds like they were good sandwiches too.
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A collection of the most ridiculous lies that people's parents told them.

Most Absurd Lies People's Parents Told Them

Parents can weave some absurd lies.
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Lying Karen customer review gets destroyed by owner's response | Cowshed at Hucknall COWSHED 1 d Hi Jo, thanks reaching out love feedback, whether be positive or negative especially love feedback like this so others can see type people have deal with sometimes. First all ll address 700 and party claim have spent now both know this isn't true don't Jo s not even remotely accurate as spent, but l'll crunch numbers Our most expensive pizza on menu is £9.00, this means if ordered only pizzas have

Lying Karen Gets Decimated By Owner's Response

Don't tell lies, Karen.
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satisfying times liars got called out

Liars Getting Triumphantly Called On Their Ridiculous BS

Why do they even bother?
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A collection of the dumbest lies that people actually ended up falling for.

Dumbest Lies People Actually Believed

Silly grandpa.
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A collection of times that liars were outed on social media.

Delusional Liars That Got Outed In Righteous Fashion

Hopefully they start telling the truth now.
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guy lies about his money, says his wife spends all his when she actually makes more

Lying Brother Tries To Cover Up Fact His Wife Is Breadwinner

It's often more graceful to accept the facts.
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