how people found out their partner was cheating

25 People Share How They Figured Out They Were Being Cheated On

It can be a process.
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weird lies from compulsive liar stories

Insane Lies People Heard From Compulsive Liars

Credibility annihilated.
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husband wants wife to go to gym, she lies about going and sits in her car instead

Husband Arranges Gym Membership For Wife, She Lies About Going And Sits In Her Car

That's an interesting dynamic.
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aita relationship lying relationships dating sister - 16248069

Insane Woman Lies, Leaves 5 Year Old Stepson Alone, Blames Her Sister For Not Coming Over to Watch Him

What is she up to?
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funny absurd lies people believed as kids

Terrifically Absurd Lies People Believed As Kids

Thanks, dad.
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relationship wtf mother lying mother in law ridiculous awful - 16100869

Snooping Mother-In-Law Gets Exposed With Decoy Key, Throws Tantrum

It's important to have privacy from your significant other's parents. It shouldn't have to come to trickery and shenanigans in order to catch a grown adult in a lie, but some people apparently have no goddamn rules, so things like this happen. Mom went and revealed that her emergency key didn't work, then had a full-on adult meltdown when she was caught in her lie. For some more mother-in-law wildness, here's the one who forcefully grabbed a grand-baby, then demanded an apology.
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husband watches football game while life goes into labor, tries lying about it to his mother

Husband Watches Football Game While Wife Goes Into Labor, Tries Lying About It

Oh boy.
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People describe the dumbest lies that they were actually able to get away with.

AskReddit Thread: Dumbest Lies People Actually Pulled Off

People can be dangerously gullible.
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Guy with constantly late wife lies to her so she shows up on time | r/AmIthe/ le Posted by u/Chewychew5150 AITA telling my wife she needed be my graduation an hour before she needed because she is always late things 27m) have been with my wife (27f 8 years 5 those years military and developed habit being early everything do is huge pet peeve mine if people are late things they could have been on time. If something happens out control and are late then totally understand

Guy Lies To Constantly Late Wife So She Shows Up On Time

Relationships are weird.
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guy lies about his money, says his wife spends all his when she actually makes more

Lying Brother Tries To Cover Up Fact His Wife Is Breadwinner

It's often more graceful to accept the facts.
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Karen lies about pay to trick babysitter and calls it a typo

Karen Tries To Trick Babysitter By Lying About Pay And Calling It A Typo

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stranger claims woman's house is her childhood home and demands entry, she's lying

Stranger Demands Entry Claiming She Used To Live At Woman's House, Not What She Seems

Stay vigilant.
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AAA customer lies about baby being locked inside car, gets keys locked in again

AAA Customer Lies That He's Locked A Baby In His Car, Gets Instant Karma

Don't lie to AAA, apparently.
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Girl claims to speak Swedish, guy talks to girl in Swedish, girl gets outed for making it up.

Girl Claims To Speak Swedish, Guy Talks To Girl In Swedish, Girl Gets Outed For Lying

Honesty is really the best policy.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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People describe the most obvious lies that they were ever told.

Most Obvious Fake Lies People Were Told

Enough with all the lies, folks.
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