Resilient trees growing in and through many things | tree growing out of a SPEED LIMIT 25 sign branches coming out from the top of it | small tree plant growing from a crack in the pavement

Resilient Trees that Don't Give A Heck

They are literally incapable of caring.
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An enlightening Tumblr thread about people who ask vs people who guess.

Enlightening Tumblr Thread On People Who Ask Vs. People Who Guess

Pretty interesting stuff.
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People describe their favorite ways to escape reality.

People's Favorite Ways To Escape Reality

These might come in handy at some point.
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A collection of people's most surprising "small world" moments.

People's Wildest Small World Moments

Life's always surprising us.
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Tumblr thread about death good being a good guy | mikkeneko concept death god is actually surprisingly supportive and on side good guys, supporting actions and promoting policies will lead kingdom growing and thriving instead being destroyed, because more kingdom grows more people there are, and more people there are more people will eventually die, and an immortal god death know there's no need rush get them all end mikkeneko like responses on this post are cleanly split between "hey this is gr

Tumblr Thread: A Death God that's Not a Bad Guy

Paging Hades and Terry Pratchett...
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An emotional post about enjoying your time alive | r/GetMotivated Posted by u/mylasttie true wolf 4y 79 S 1 [Text] Soon will be gone forever, but 's okay as long as someone reads this Health Fitness am only 24 years old, yet have actually already chosen my last tie s one will wear on my funeral few months now may not match my suit, but think 's perfect occasion.

Emotional Post About Enjoying Your Time On Earth

Too many feels.
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People describe minor nuisances that drive them insane | Nellie_blythe 18h 1 Award Having an eyelash stuck eyeball Reply 480

Minor Nuisances Worse Than Wet Socks

Mosquito bites, every time.
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People share advice that they'd give to their 18-year-old selves | Wade Murphy, AIF, CFS @TheWadeMurphy Replying IAmMarkManson 99 worries are pointless. Save money older has expensive taste.

Advice People Would Give To Their 18-Year-Old Selves

A whole lot of those worries end up being pointless.
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A collection of life hacks that can be helpful for people | LPT can add "Time Magazine's Person Year 2006 CV works as good conversation starter during Interviews and is true, since Time Magazine made person year 2006.

Life Pro Tips To Get A Leg Up On The Game

If applied right, they're almost like cheat codes.
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Intentionally bad life pro tips that will help people by not helping them at all | @Michael1979 Tech tip people who are not as good at computers as Let's say find handy webpage want return later. Instead memorising address every time, write on post- note and stick computer so can quickly type next time. Easy! e https en. Wiki/Horse spaces, all one word Horse WIKIPEDIA Co

Bad Life Pro Tips For The Existential Crisis

More fuel for the existential crisis fire.
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Bad choices that were made by people that led to great and hilarious stories of fail | two cars stuck together tried to go in a single lane at the same time road accident impatient dangerous drivers | super long gummy worm the length of a person's entire palm from tip of finger to the wrist

Bad Choices That Made Great Stories (17 Fails )

At least those bad choices make for great stories.
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Twitter users share things that they learned in their 20s | tweet by Michael m @quickbear Don't blindly trust doctors. Do own research, advocate yourself My20sTaughtMe

Lessons People Learned In Their 20s

Our 20s can be quite the rollercoaster.
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life tumblr paper towels existentialism funny stupid time universe - 8937733

Tumblr Thread Gets Way Too Existential about a Laminated Paper Towel

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People share their frivolous first world problems

People Share Their Most Frivolous First World Problems

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Woman tells story of how her crazy friend photoshopped her out of her wedding photos.

Crazy Possessive Bridezilla Photoshops Friend Out Of All Wedding Photos

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marriage tweets

25 Funny Marriage Tweets That Hit Close to Home

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