good old fashion lawyer jokes that may be used against the accused in a court of law

10 Criminally Hilarious Lawyer Jokes And Memes

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people screw their ex during a divorce

11 Ways People Screwed Over Their Ex During A Divorce

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trolling a lawyer

Lawyer Gets Trolled For His Ignorant Tweet On New Upskirting Law

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lawyers share strange questions they have gotten

13 Lawyers Share Their Strangest Would-It-Be-Illegal-If Questions They've Received

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reasons couples divorce

20 Divorce Lawyers Share Craziest Reasons Their Clients Filed For Divorce

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lawyer gets calls from irs scammer

Woman Live Tweets Her Amazing Experience Bringing Justice To IRS Scammer

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lawyer argument law - 1700613

12 Times People Failed Terribly to Come Across As Sane Individuals In the Courtroom

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weird court cases

12 Lawyers Share Craziest Things People Tried To Make Cases Out Of

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Collection of ridiculous excerpts from court reporters that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

Funny Excerpts From Court Reporters That Are Criminally Ridiculous

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Looks Like This Case is All Sewn Up

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bad idea lawyer Probably bad News news Video - 71277569

A Colorado Man Used a Stuffed Owl Named "Solomon" as His Defense Attorney. It Was Not a Hoot.

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Lawyers Give Terrible Dating Advice

lawyer funny dating advice - 8466923520
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Motion Granted to the Meanie-Pants in the Corner

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Dating Advice for the Litigious Types

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If it's on Facebook, it's a Legally Binding Contract!

security lawyer facepalm - 8419541504
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A Real One-Stop Shop

lawyer monday thru friday sign piercings - 8404366080
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