woman uses boyfriend to fund school and breaks up with him as soon as she becomes a lawyer

Woman Milks Boyfriend For Tuition, Dumps Him After Graduation, Gets Called Out During Speech

Tricksy, tricksy.
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Lawyer On TikTok Reads Iconic Court Transcripts and is Going Viral

"I Didn't Personally Sign the Constitution, So it Does Not Apply to Me": Lawyer On TikTok Reads Iconic Court Transcripts and is Going Viral

“Honestly, your Honor, I'm curious to see where opposing counsel takes this—let it ride.” These are actual real life things people said in a court, read in vocal fry by a real life lawyer.
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pro revenge hoa neighbors lawyer revenge nuclear revenge towing petty revenge lawsuit Reddit neighbor - 16371973

Busy Body "HOA Karen" Tows Guy's Big Benz, Not Actually on HOA Board, Gets Sued Silly

"Diane was not listed as a board member. Interesting."
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attorney demands dashcam footage and lawyer sends a different tape, then sues a wins case

Lawyer Pulls Dash Cam Switcheroo On Rigid Insurance Attorney

Alright, law is weird.
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A rude lawyer parks in a farmer's driveway, so the farmer plots a stinky revenge.

Rude Lawyer Parks In Farmer's Driveway, Farmer Plots Stinky Revenge

That lawyer had it coming.
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Game dev takes pro revenge on moody lawyer.

Game Dev Takes Pro Revenge On Rude Lawyer

Oh boy, to have seen that lawyer's face.
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Divorce Lawyer demands financials and guy faxes it all

Divorce Lawyer Demands Financials, Guy Incapacitates His Fax Machine

That's one way to do it.
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Lawyers describe the absolute funniest cases that they've ever ended up working.

Funniest Cases Lawyers Have Ever Ended Up Doing

The courtroom can end up hosting some truly wild antics.
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Tumblr users argue over a picture of a bread knife using lawyer language | phoenix wright ace attorney whitebeltwriter: dual-destininies: derples: dual-destininies: tf2-fandomstuck: tiniestshorts: Bread knife french have grown more powerful. Hold ! photo of a hand holding bread and a red circle

Tumblr Has Lawyer-style Debate over Legitimacy of Bread Knife

Why should anything be simple?
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A Tumblr thread on how surprising it is that court reporters are able to keep a straight face | Do Court Reporters Keep Straight Faces? These are book called Disorder Courts and are things people actually said court, word word, taken down and published by court reporters had torment staying calm while exchanges were taking place. ATTORNEY first thing husband said morning? WITNESS: He said Where am Cathy ATTORNEY: And why did upset WITNESS: My name is Susan! ATTORNEY gear were at moment impact?

Tumblr Thread On Ridiculous Overheards During Court Proceedings

It's a miracle that court reporters are able to keep a straight face.
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Lawyers describe their biggest revelations when in court | kingofthenorthwpg 11h 3 9 4 Awards Friend and classmate mine parked downtown, which is not great neighbourhood. Someone comes up her window carjack her. She slowly rolls down her window, and her most disappointed voice is like "Come on X just got out on bail X then proceeds apologize and walks away.

Lawyers' Biggest Revelations In Court

People are full of surprises.
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Free funny legal tips and fails from a lawyer on facebook | L. Scott Briscoe's Free Legal Tips February 19,2014 Free Legal Tip Day #2 using friend's urine an attempt pass drug screen, drug test friend first Like Comment Share

Funny Lawyer's Free Legal Tips Shouldn't Even Need Saying

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A collection of laws that people insist are real, but are not | cushionblock 1h my country some people believe they can 'press charges' against someone can't report crime and police decide if they are taking further s not up whether charges are brought may want charges brought but police drop case. Alternatively can refuse press charges' and police can bring case anyway s harder without victim or witness cooperation but they still can do have right civil cases course but people say 'press charge

Laws People Insist Are Real But Don't Exist

Helpful to know.
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Important details that clients failed to let lawyers know about | reddit post WoodenDeck Defendant written cell phone ticket while driving and defended himself honor not using smart phone while driving actually using flip phone Guilty

Important Details Clients Neglected To Tell Lawyers

Some details ended up costing the lawyers their cases!
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Lawyers reveal their biggest surprises in terms of what's illegal and legal.

Lawyers Share What They Can't Believe Is Legal Or Illegal

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Lawyers share why various couples called off their divorces in an AskReddit thread.

Lawyers Share Why Couples Called Off Their Divorces

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