'I blocked her account': Librarian gets revenge on a rude patron, unearthing a $480 late fee that had been previously waived to freeze the account for good

'I blocked her account': Librarian gets revenge on a rude patron, unearthing a $480 late fee that had been previously waived

If you've ever worked in customer service, you know you have dealt with some dicey patrons. Not everyone has the guts to do what needs to be done with every customer confrontation and most folks lean on their one sassy manager who walks fast, talks loud, and shuts down every local Karen before they can get too ramped up. However, as a librarian, you can't necessarily strong-arm every bad patron with your big voice in the ‘Quiet Reading’ section.
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I’m a full time, salaried employee. I’m never late. Can my employer force me to make up 8 minutes of time? This seems petty.

'This seems petty': Horrible boss demands their salaried employee make up 8 minutes of lateness

Pick and choose your battles, dude!
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late boss learns to respect applicants time

Boss Won't Respect People's Time, Employee Cleverly Trains Her

Just have a little decency.
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Guy with constantly late wife lies to her so she shows up on time | r/AmIthe/ le Posted by u/Chewychew5150 AITA telling my wife she needed be my graduation an hour before she needed because she is always late things 27m) have been with my wife (27f 8 years 5 those years military and developed habit being early everything do is huge pet peeve mine if people are late things they could have been on time. If something happens out control and are late then totally understand

Guy Lies To Constantly Late Wife So She Shows Up On Time

Relationships are weird.
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late coworker gets fired and internet judges

Employee Finally Gets Called Out For Constant Lateness, Reports It As Harassment

Oh man.
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friend is always late and won't apologize, is given a gift card with no money

Constantly Late Friend Won't Apologize, Tastes Wrath of Decoy Gift Card

The ol' gift card runaround.
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Stupidly Basic things adults didn't know | ReddishWedding2018 40.1k points 16 hours ago edited 16 hours ago friend who pushing 40 had never paid bill before. She had gone living with her parents living dorm living with her parents again until she got married, then she got divorced and living on her own first time. Got text her asking if my power out too, then she realized just her. Her excuse she never paid attention bills because she thought they were "receipts" and cost included her rent. Her

Embarrassingly Basic Stuff Adults Didn't Know

Oh man.
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Obvious things, facts, and common knowledge that people learned too late in their lives.

Stuff People Learned Embarrassingly Late In Life

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crazy excuses students gave teachers

14 Ridiculous Excuses Students Have Told Teachers

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scale students tardy late - 73711873

When You're Late And Have To Sneak Past The Principle's Office

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Senior Schedule

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Still Worth It

boss late sign - 5244266752

You're Going to Be Late to School

That bus is broke
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The Boss Would Never Buy It

work late funny - 8439290112
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Now He'll Be Late AND Hungry

monday thru friday FAIL work lunch Subway late g rated - 8183984128
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Was Traffic Particularly Bad That Morning?

monday thru friday doughnuts donuts work late g rated - 8152241408
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