My GF got an illegal Airbnb ring in her apartment complex busted

'Absolutely not': Couple discovers their neighbor is running an illegal Airbnb ring, she gets the leasing office involved

How did the leasing office not figure this out on its own?
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Apartment manager "doesn't take cash" for $0.02 bill. Malicious compliance ensues.

'We don't take cash': Apartment manager demands former tenant write a check for 2 cents? Cue malicious compliance!

There is nothing more ridiculous than writing a check for two cents!
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My roommate noticed I'm not going into work anymore. I told her I left that job and am looking for a new one. She said "so now you're a professional homeowner, basically?" I disagreed with that assessment. She said I'm leeching off of her and the other girl because I don't want to work.

'She said I'm leeching off of her': Unemployed live-in landlord changes terms, draws ire from roommate who is subsidizing his existence

The dynamic of a homeowner bringing in roommates is interesting: on the one hand, they're a roommate; on the other, the landlord. This can create delicate situations and result in either party harboring ill sentiments for the other. Many people are pouring a significant amount of money (>30% of their income) into their rent, which is the equivalent of setting a pile of money on fire every week — in that it does nothing to help you invest and advance your life. It's no secret that many (most) of…
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How I got my landlord arrested for auto theft I used to live in a rental townhome. The place was great. It was run by a big company but they paid an onsite super to run the office,

'They did it on purpose': Guy has landlord arrested after they maliciously tow his vehicle

Landlords are— well… lords . Their power over their tenant is totalitarian — they set the rate a tenant has to pay to access housing and, on a whim, can send the tenant scrambling for a new place.
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gay couple get revenge on homophobic neighbor by becoming their landlord and evicting them

'So I bought their home and I evicted them': Homophobic neighbor who constantly shouts slurs gets served serious karma from their gay neighbor

The gay couple waved a poetic goodbye on their new front porch as the homophobic now-ex-neighbors all of a sudden realized what had just happened to them: Karma.
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landlord antiwork rent renting social issues - 1693959

'My mother's gonna have to move': Landlord blasted by internet for buying a new car after raising rent

Who wouldn't want to earn a passive income that directly pays off the assets required, which themselves appreciate value at an alarming rate? The only trade-off is that you have to be willing to do it by stepping directly on the necks of others. That's what being a landlord is, if you're able and willing to join a group of persons who are directly disadvantaging other people then look no further than investing in real estate!
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Landlord lost the lease | charged me an extra month and don't want to return my deposit? But why lie when I have the receipts...

'Can my landlord do this?': 5 Times Landlords Displayed an Inhuman Lack of Consideration For Their Tenants

It's no secret that landlords have a reputation for being manipulative lizard-people who will take any chance possible to extort or exploit tenants for a little bit more profit. It's akin to when you've made a few too many whiskey sours and are really trying to take that same lime for as many laps as possible. You futilely keep squeezing and squeezing the dang thing, determined to get out a little bit more juice, despite it already having as much juice left as a politician has morals. Anyways,…
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landlord malicious compliance revenge bad-landlord petty revenge - 1671175

'He threatened legal action': Landlord coerces tenant into showing their apartment, so they give overly honest tours

This landlord threatened legal action against their tenant if the tenant refused to let them show the apartment while they were still living there. The tenant did not want the grief of going through a legal process with their terrible landlord, so they caved under pressure and allowed the apartment viewings to occur.
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Landlord Lost the Lease

'He said he lost the lease papers': Landlord devises new lease to get current tenants to leave in 2 months

Time to add yet another horrid landlord to the seemingly endless list of horrid landlords . This thread was posted on Reddit's tongue-in-cheek r/LandlordLove page by u/raimine , who shared their story of being cheated by their landlord after living in their apartment for five years. Imagine living in a place for five years, paying rent on time every month, never having an issue with your landlord throughout that period…and then all of a sudden, that harmonious relationship abruptly ends when yo…
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Canada landlord justice ontario legal action CBC homeless housing-crash rent viral renting toxic-landlord unhoused Renters eviction evicted - 1618439

'I repeat, landlords are scum!': Woman strikes back after being lied to about the reasoning behind her eviction, sparking debate

“He definitely owes you money.”
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Terrible Landlord Suggests His Tenant Should Just Move Out Instead of Fixing Leaky, Disgusting Ceiling

As if renting could get any worse
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"Can my landlord do this? I thought the whole point of a secuity deposit is that you can get it back."

Landlord Pretends Security Deposit Is Not Refundable Despite No Damage

It's no secret that landlords can be shady. Whether it's doing the bare minimum to fix a leak or implementing unnecessary rules for you to follow that aren't real. In this case, the latter situation happened.
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pro revenge landlord thread revenge nuclear revenge apartments nuclear renting Reddit - 17660933

Property Owner Takes Shady Apartment Manager Down

When it became apparent that the property manager was taking advantage of his building's tenants and doing a generally poor job, this owner realized he needed to take them down. This thread was posted to Reddit 's r/ nuclearrevenge subreddit by Redditor u/Ranthrow607. This subreddit is a bit like the big brother or the r/ProRevenge and r/pettyrevenge subreddits. Only the most brutally devastating of revenge stories can be posted to this smaller sub. We've frequently addressed the issue of preda…
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landlord roommate psycho roommate renting reddit thread Reddit roommates - 17530117

Roommate Thinks She Has "Free Rent" When Guy Buys House They're Renting, Gets Evicted

She seriously thought she wasn't going to have to PAY rent?
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landlord tenant landlords reddit thread Reddit malicious compliance revenge - 17529605

Predatory Landlord Screws Themselves With Their Own Lease

An error in the lease that they were strictly enforcing caused this landlord to lose out at their own game in this trending Reddit thread.
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landlord aita roommate tenant reddit thread Reddit roommates - 17502725

Roommate Books Hotel Room Due to Lack of Hot Water, Live-In Landlord Refuses to Pay

This tenant took matters into their own hands, and when their live-in landlord let them know that the hot water would be out for the weekend, they booked a hotel room for themselves without saying a word. After pulling a vanishing act for the entire weekend, they returned and hit the landlord with the bill expecting them to pay it. The landlord, Redditor u/SheHadaStaycation, posted this topic to Reddit's r/ AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit, wondering if they were wrong for refusing to pay for t…
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