Karen customer chews out café manager over wi-fi being out, gets permanently barred from wi-fi access.

Karen Customer Rages Over Broken Wi-Fi, Café Manager Serves Karen Reality Check

If only Karen would've just played nice.
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Karen customer wants vanity painted for cheap

Karen Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Buy Showpiece Or Why Work Costs Money

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entitled people

Entitled People Who Decided To Make Things Worse For Everyone

Why are people like this.
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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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Karen steals seat, gets crowded out by family

Karen Steals Seats, Family Squeezes In With Her

It's what she wanted, right?
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owner response to customer's lying poor review

Entitled Customer Leaves Lying Review, Owner Stands Up For Staff, Bans Him

There's a boss.
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Karen pushes guy in wheelchair to customer service thinking he is an employee

Mistaken Karen Pushes Fellow Customer's Wheelchair Over to Service Desk

What a piece of work.
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grandma wants appointment, has meltdown

Karen Grandma Won't Take Early Appointment, Has Meltdown

It's not a good look.
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An employee gives their two weeks notice, hotshot manager tries to fire them, and end up getting demoted themselves.

Employee Gives Two Weeks Notice, Hotshot Manager Tries To Fire Employee, Gets Demoted

Oh boy did that manager learn their lesson.
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Karen lies to get out of an eviction, so landlord goes ahead and digs up terms of her old lease to get bigger payout.

Karen Gets Evicted, Lies About Her Eviction, Landlord Uses Old Lease To Win In Court

It's like Karen didn't even try.
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funny customer service memes

Customer Service Memes To Dull The Grind

Hello darkness, my old friend.
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humor FAIL ridiculous funny Video karen tiktok - 2652166

Karen Can't Figure Out Car Wash

It's hard out there.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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Retail worker deals with a customer who is confused why staff won't help him after closing time.

Entitled Customer Outraged When Retail Staff Won't Help Him After Close

Retail worker deals with a customer who is confused why staff won't help him after closing time.
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An enraged Karen demands more toppings for her pizza, refuses to pay extra, throws her pizza.

Karen Customer Launches Pizza Amidst Toppings Fiasco

Karen brought all the spice that day.
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horrible entitled people

Entitled People Who Made Reality A Harsher Place To Live

Why choose to make this worse?
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