It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Created by assumetehposition

What Did I JUST Say?

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Created by Unknown

Timing is a Beautiful Thing

shorts timing juxtaposition - 7839891200
Created by katangerine

Which One Will You Choose Today?

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Get Ready to Test Your Willpower

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Created by tharman

The Family Movie of the Summer is Here

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Created by eric

A World of Pure Imagination

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This is One Unfortunate Juxtaposition

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Via Criggo

Those Are My Top Three Words Describing Him!

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Created by tidy_chaos

This Makes For a Way More Interesting Film

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This Ad Placement Just Ruined Your Day

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Created by Unknown

History Repeats Itself in These Posters

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Created by Fraser Brown

Hitting Your Demographic FAIL

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Created by Unknown

You Don't Want to See This Double Feature

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Created by Unknown

Ad Juxtaposition WIN

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Created by Alex Simmons