Unfortunate Placement FAIL

whoops headline juxtaposition newspaper - 6837312768
Created by Unknown

Tough Choices FAIL

sign billboard ironic juxtaposition - 6824465664
Created by Unknown

Ad Juxtaposition WIN

advertisement movies james bond juxtaposition - 6770339840
Created by Unknown

Posters WIN

lady bits posters juxtaposition the shining - 6765068288
Created by Unknown


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Created by gadget593

Ad Juxtaposition FAIL

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Created by Unknown

FAIL Nation: Ruthless Killer FAIL

creepy dogs juxtaposition news picture categoryimage - 6636314880
Created by Unknown

FAIL Nation: Juxtaposition FAIL

billboard juxtaposition parenting - 6568896512
Created by Unknown

WIN!: Completely Relevant News: Everybody Gets One!

best of week completely relevant news Hall of Fame headline juxtaposition news robert downey jr - 6537936640
Created by Unknown

Complimentary Materials WIN

books juxtaposition reading reading is sexy survival - 6501467648
Created by Alfonso O.

Placement WIN

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Created by Unknown

Ad Selection WIN

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Created by Unknown

Perfect Easter Dinner FAIL

drinking juxtaposition Professional At Work signs - 6071079168
Created by Unknown

Confused Signs FAIL

irony juxtaposition signs - 6071823872
Created by Steevo9000

The Horrible Reaction of Love FAIL

innuendo juxtaposition television - 6060382464
Created by gdthom42

Those Poor Prisoners FAIL

ads apple juxtaposition Professional At Work - 6039339264
Created by Skippy J