I'm Really Starscreaming for This One

sign accidental sexy juxtaposition failbook - 8264282624
Via Know Your Meme

Wouldn't They Get Fur in Their Teeth?

accidental gross juxtaposition Cats - 8251356160
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Tumblr Feeds Make Their Own Gold, Sometimes

coincidence juxtaposition tumblr - 8234526720
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Sensitivity, People!

juxtaposition news - 8228391424
Created by sarahb0328

Too Soon, Facebook

Indiana Jones suggestion juxtaposition failbook g rated - 8217246208
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Box Designs That Create a Perfect Picture

accident design juxtaposition - 8209158400
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There's Two Ways to Approach This Sort of Thing...

Funny Facebook screen grab of a woman complaining about a man checking her out, and a commented who does not care one bit.
Created by Horrace P McT

They're Working on Flambé Right Away, I See

juxtaposition newspaper fail nation g rated - 8211447808
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Because Hedge Trimmers Weren't Precise Enough

haircut parenting juxtaposition - 8208245760
Created by Unknown

Watson Does Not Approve

tumblr juxtaposition coincidence - 8176057088
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Sebastian for Dinner?

butter disney juxtaposition - 8165017088

An iPhone of the Fritz Makes Unintentional Hilarity

iphone juxtaposition iTunes - 8167393536
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Good Day to You too!

rage juxtaposition - 8157132032
Created by Unknown

Knowledge is (In)Finite

mind blown juxtaposition - 8155749120
Created by Unknown

Silent but Deadly Serious

farts what juxtaposition - 8140289536
Created by sga_photog

Re-Target Those Targeted Ads, Please

Fun Fact suggestion juxtaposition flying - 8132607488
Created by Unknown