Jailed It!

jail monopoly facebook Parenting FAILS - 6951960576
By Unknown

Ugh, Got Arrested, Text It!

jail arrested - 6840793088

Cat Burglar-Helper

cat wtf pets jail Probably bad News fail nation - 6953231616
Via NY Daily News

Good Plan!

pregnancy jail Father - 6740519680
By Unknown

In Jail, Txt It LOL

best friends friends jail prison - 6409138432
By DeathTheKidd

Ruining Your Life? Here, Let Me Get That For You Buddy

arrest arrested cops crime Hall of Fame jail police - 6375097088
Via Stop the State

Parenting Fails: Not a Fun Read

childrens-books dad jail - 6344634112
By Unknown

Getting Arrested Like a Sir

arrested drawn on jail mugshot mustache police prison - 6321280000
By Mike (Via The Smoking Gun)

Parking Lot Prison

jail parking lot parking space pole prison trapped - 6303778816
By Unknown

Tanked Toddlers: Jägerbomben! Jägerbomben! Jägerbomben!

dealer drugs jagermeister jail kids memory loss prison tanked toddlers - 6230074112
By Unknown

The Shortshank Redemption

cage jail prison - 6068741632
By el.carl2

From the Pics-You-Should-Definitely-Not-Share-on-Facebook Department

arrested crime dumb jail police stealing theft - 6133062656
By Unknown

Don't Try To Milk This Cow

costume cow jail milk mugshot - 6005327872
By Unknown

Cement Butt Injections

bad idea butt jail - 5981590016
By Unknown (Via
jail - 60410115

I Beg To Differ

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The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

arrested jail marijuana - 5906459648
By psychic_master (Via