I got my childhood bully arrested

'I guess you can say his debt has been paid': Guy gets his childhood bully arrested years later

As someone wise once said, Karma is a God.
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AITA for being upset for being unknowingly inclued in a memoir

Guy Discovers He Has Been Falsely Painted as a Villain in Shady Cousin’s Self-Help Book

Well, I wouldn't want to attend this family's Thanksgiving dinner.
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Free funny legal tips and fails from a lawyer on facebook | L. Scott Briscoe's Free Legal Tips February 19,2014 Free Legal Tip Day #2 using friend's urine an attempt pass drug screen, drug test friend first Like Comment Share

Funny Lawyer's Free Legal Tips Shouldn't Even Need Saying

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Woman has beer for first time after being in jail for 60 days and starts to cry.

Reality Show Participant's First Mouthful of Beer after 60 Days in Jail

This feels more heart-wrenching than it should be.
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jail technology criminal Video - 96976129

Guy Films Himself Escaping Orange Country Jail On His iPhone

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Dumb Things Said to Cops

17 of the Dumbest Things People Said to Cops

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crazy excuses students gave teachers

14 Ridiculous Excuses Students Have Told Teachers

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mugshots funny

31 Mugshots to Remind You Things Could Be Worse

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drugs FAIL jail crime live tweet - 4730117

Police Live Tweet Inspiring Story of Stubborn Drug Suspect

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Best Friends Until You Need Bail

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Crime of The Day: Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible

Response of The Day: New Jersey Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible
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For All Your Imprisonment Needs

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Farting In A Babies Mouth

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Point Taken

jail laws - 4948007424
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An Institute of Higher Learning

school whoops jail prison - 8493928448
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We've All Been There Amirtye?

cops jail vodka - 7111176960
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