You're Peeing Beer?

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The Dance Your Heart Out With Your Beer

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Smart Shoes for the Blind

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beer bottle opener fraternity funny invention wtf - 58842369

B.O.B (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board + Bottle Opener + Fraternity Paddle

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12 Year Old Invents Braille Printer Using LEGO

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Korean Student Claims to Have Created Artificial Gills

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Shut Up and Take My Money of the Day: The Airbag for Cyclists

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An Pen That Makes Circuits

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Want Wine? Get a Pod and a Laptop

wtf wine invention funny after 12 g rated - 7924263168

Get Your Beer Holster

beer awesome holster funny invention - 7908386304

Absolutely the Best Invention

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For When You Need a Beer, Then a Shot

beer invention glass funny shot - 7829872640
beer wtf invention Japan - 49247233

Japan Has Strange Ideas About Beer

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world beer invention documentary funny - 52217857

Beer Saved the World

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Never Wet Is Weird

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Jet Powered Bicycle!

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