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These Earthquake-Proof Beds are Basically Survival Coffins and if That's Enough to Make You Panic, Don't Watch This Animation

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robots invention vending machine Video - 76813057

This Woman's Latest Terrifying Invention is a Set of Knives That Chop

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lego McDonald's invention food Video win - 76637185

There is No Reason You Wouldn't Be McLovin' This Incredible LEGO McNugget Vending Machine

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door Music TV invention seinfeld Theme Song Video win - 76154113

Make Your Life a Show About Nothing, With This Simple 'Seinfeld' Door Sensor

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kickstarter invention coffee Video mug win - 146951

Coffee Lovers Everywhere Are Going to Want To Back This Aptly Named 'Best Morning Mug Ever'

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alarm invention sleeping Video win - 75799809

Don't Snooze On This Alarm Clock, It Will Slap You Awake

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flight invention jetpack Video the future win - 75764993

Just Cruising Around in an Authentic JetPack, NBD

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drones win invention Video weapons - 75042049

With This Drone-Neutralizing Gun, How Long Until Drone Hunting Season Opens?

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invention segway Video win - 72579841

Inventor Builds Drill Powered Walking Machine

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It's Like Walking But Better!

fast standing walking bicycle
Via Mike (from Spain)
beer invention chill funny - 55021057

Chill Your Beer Fast

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Layering Master: Now Everyone Can Make Sweet Layered Cocktails

layered cocktails are a pain in the butt, until now!
Via Layering Master

Japan Makes Individual Beer Can Taps...Yes Please!

beer taps invention Japan - 8221761280
Via Eataku
wtf technology invention jello shots Video - 69851649

Want an Easier Way to Make Jello Shots?

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He Is a Great Man

the rimjob inventor
Via t_11
photography history technology invention science Video - 69335553

How Did Joseph Nicéphore Niépce Invent the Photograph?

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