minor painful relatable injuries

Minor Injuries That Are Way More Painful Than They Deserve To Be

Work your magic, trailer hitch.
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things people thought before a close call

The Last Thoughts People Had When They Believed They Were About To Die

It's a spectrum.
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stories of people's stupidest injuries

The Stupidest Injuries People Have Sustained

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rules wtf injury teacher Professors lol story college - 16245509

Teacher's No Hats Policy Meets Match In Recent Car Crash Survivor

It's interesting how quickly priorities can shift. In one moment everyone's all up in arms about hat wearing, and the next moment the teacher is yelling at you to spare everyone the pulsing, leaking nightmare of your Jason Vorhees-like scalp. All we're asking for is a little consistency, but that's a separate tragedy. Here are some other dumb rules schools enforced.
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egg explodes in person's face after microwaving it for 5 minutes

Hungry Doofus Microwaves Egg For 5 Minutes, Suffers Eggsplosion

It happens.
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Skier skis through gate which smacks him in groin

Yannick Bertrand's Groin Shot Heard Round The World

That is audible.
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foot smell leads guy to ER when he falls

Guy's Foot Odor Inadvertently Sends Him To The Hospital

That bad, huh?
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dumb injuries that people had

Stupid Ways People Accidentally Injured Themselves

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sports golf injury cringe painful ridiculous dangerous Video - 107047169

Pro Golfer Shanks Golf Ball Into The Crowd Twice

Tough day to be in the crowd.
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surprising hazards

Things That Are Way More Dangerous Than People Realize

We're not invincible.
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Patient doesn't realize that a MRI technician can hear them | r/tifu Join u/markedforpie Tifu by not realizing MRI technician could hear M Tifu by not realizing technician could hear Back February my arm started hurting so went doctor and he told rest still hasn't healed so he scheduled an MRI today arrived and got all set up and tech told she training new girl. They asked lay down Superman style and then strapped down my arm really hurt but figured could suffer little while

Patient Doesn't Realize MRI Technician Can Hear Them

Oh, oh, no, say it ain't so.
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Stories of stupid ways people got scars | Vnv_23 More have scar on my forearm weaponized paper airplane taped razor blades and launched with rubber band.

Dumb Ways People Got Scars

Are there any smart ways?
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Stupid ways people got an injury | alyssaoftheeast 1.2k points 3 days ago got paper cut on my foot by walking past an open book

Stupid Ways People Injured Themselves

Sometimes getting an injury isn't even cool.
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Woman books full row of seats for broken leg and asks internet if she's wrong | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/super_poggielicious 1 day ago AITA booking up an entire row seats just myself? Not hole reference this, all happened before lockdown and orders shelter place 32f) broke my leg two places couple months ago and placed full leg cast took convalescent leave and decided fly my home state originally CA but stationed NC this is relevant so everyone understands time frame flight question.

Woman Wonders if She's a Jerk For Booking Entire Row For Broken Leg

She did buy all the seats...
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Tumblr discusses the McDonald's hot coffee case | If this another country have tell this coffee may be hot. Good thing this is Canada! whoa canada someone needs turn down sass level

Tumblr Discusses The Reality of the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case

It's actually kinda messed up what happened.
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Guy gets injured, his boss tries to make him work.

Guy Gets Hit by Drunk Driver, Boss Expects Him to Work the Next Day

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