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Technically, They Did What You Asked...

put ice cream in a cup fail
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31 Flavors but Not That One...

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This Dude's Girl Had No Chill When It Came to Her Ice Cream

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Liquid Nitrogen Looks as Delicious as It Looks Dangerous to Make

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A Little Girl Has the Cutest Reaction to Her First Ever Brain Freeze

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She Can't Handle the Truth

she can't handle the truth comic
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Before You Next Choke Down Some Astronaut Ice Cream, Watch This Video

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Ben & Jerry's Might Serve up a Bernie Sanders-Inspired Flavor

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School Functions Have Really Changed

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They Just Waffle About

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Classic Parenting

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The Difference Betwenn Your First Day of College and Your Graduation Day

The Difference Betwenn Your First Day of College and Your Graduation Day
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The Struggle When You Hear First the Ice Cream Truck

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So That's Why I Scream and You Scream

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Lots of Spooning Involved

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We Gon' Scoop Flavours Like it's Your Sherbert Day

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