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Two girls both chow down on the world's hottest pepper and the results are something straight out of a horror movie. One girl needs to be hooked up to oxygen while the other sits emotionless trying to figure out if she's ever made a worse decision in her life.


The hottest pepper in the world ranks in at 2.2 million Scoville units, while Tabasco sauce sits at a measly 5,000. YEAH... Pretty hot!

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Via Mashable
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So Tinder has revealed the top six sports by gender that were most-swiped in Rio, but they didn't get specific about which athletes may have been the chosen ones. That leaves us left guessing which athletes they might not be mentioning...

For Women's Sports they listed:

Table Tennis, Field Hockey, Rowing, Weightlifting...

...and Rugby and Swimming.

For Men's sports they listed:

Tennis, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Sport Shooting, Judo...

...and Boxing.

Wait, let's take a look at that Judo guy again...

Okay, yeah, we get it.