You Can't Just Do Their Homework For Them

student teachers have it hard
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Robots Are Great Poets

robots write great haiku
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An Odd Grade to Get on Your Homework

harry potter means you did well
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Nice Try, Kid

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Just a Little Banana Math

when you run out of paper, do your homework on a banana!
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Such Sexy Mass

homework shows how to get dat mass
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Homonyms Are Tough

cereal killer not serial killer
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All the Single Papers

single ladies and unnamed homework
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The Best Essay Ever Written, Ever

an essay explaining how to write an essay
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In All Seriousness, Though, Math is Important

homework kids parenting math web comics - 8436363520
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Computer Class Is Going Well

answer a to all the questions
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Number Ten is Actually the Saddest...

Sad homework school kids parenting dad morbid - 8432578048
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Some Kids Just Don't Understand Math

homework wtf idiots math funny - 8431931648
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Professors Can Have Some Strange Requests

homework plagiarism teacher funny - 8428058112
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Math Problems Are Getting Awesome

homework textbook math funny - 8422629888
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Is it Just Me, Or Does This Homework Seem Naughty?

homework wtf innuendo funny - 8422527232
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