Your Kid Really Likes Puppies

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That Snarky Response Will Not Get You Extra Credit

school homework image That Snarky Response Will Not Get You Extra Credit
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She Was Surprisingly Good at Advanced Calculus...

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That Name Game is on Point

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This Kid Will Be a Physicist

kids love star wars
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One Math Love Story Plus Another Math Love Story

cute eww fixed homework math We Are Dating - 5327104000
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At Home It's Always Friday

at work I'm more responsible than carlton
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The Common Core Is Confusing Core

common core math isn't working out like people hoped
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7 Wonderfully Weird Homework Answers

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I Only See 3 Bonds

What sort of bonds are they?
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Oooh...If Only Your Internet Was a Bit Faster

missed the deadline by one second
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You Can't Just Do Their Homework For Them

student teachers have it hard
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Robots Are Great Poets

robots write great haiku
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An Odd Grade to Get on Your Homework

harry potter means you did well
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Nice Try, Kid

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Just a Little Banana Math

when you run out of paper, do your homework on a banana!
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