A homeowner refuses to be a part of the HOA, so the HOA becomes enraged.

Homeowner Refuses To Be A Part Of HOA, HOA Becomes Enraged

Another reason that HOAs are the worst.
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HOA president gets homeowner to join the HOA under false pretenses, and a masterful revenge ensues.

HOA President Gets Homeowner To Join HOA Under False Pretenses, Masterful Revenge Ensues

Really, a thing of beauty.
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funny story of homeowner who runs for HOA board on campaign to do nothing and wins

Resident Runs For HOA Board on Platform of "Doing The Bare Minimum," Wins

Sometimes there's justice in politics.
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A homeowner gets fed up with HOA bothering them with complaints, so they decide to carry out some malicious compliance.

Homeowner Gets Fed Up With HOA Complaints, Malicious Compliance Ensues

A job well done, indeed.
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Home inspectors describe the worst things that almost escaped their inspections altogether.

Horrible Things Home Inspectors Almost Didn't Notice

Seriously, way too close for comfort.
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A homeowner discovers a satisfying loophole to save money on HOA's monthly fees.

Homeowner Discovers Satisfying Loophole In HOA's Monthly Fees

Now that's how it's done.
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People describe the pettiest things that their neighbors ever did to them.

Pettiest Things People's Neighbors Did To Them

Neighbors can turn into real nightmares.
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HOA tries to force homeowner to remove their trampoline, they get removed from board instead | r/ProRevenge u/hi_internet_friend 1y JOIN HOA board tries force remove my trampoline get them removed board instead put trampoline my backyard early 2017 have three young boys and have enjoyed immensely. My neighbor HOA president at time, went sell his house spring 2018 and his realtor said trampoline my backyard might be detriment getting top dollar his home. So he convinced neighbor on other side my

HOA Board Members Try To Remove Homeowner's Trampoline

Don't mess with someone's trampoline.
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