People on Twitter are in a fierce debate over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Internet's In Fierce Debate (Again) Over Whether Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie

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Video of crazy woman harassing the crap out of a mall santa.

Terrible Woman Harasses Mall Santa In Front Of Children

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Collection of entertaining Thanksgiving fails that will fill you to the brim with happiness.

Stuff Yourself With These 14 Wonderful Thanksgiving FAILs

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Video of giant inflatable nutcracker hilariously touching awkward area outside of used car parking lot.

Inappropriate Nutcracker Inflatable Is WAY Too Excited For Christmas

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Grandma accidentally texts a dinner invitation to the wrong number, and the meetup that ensues will warm your heart.

Grandma Spends Thanksgiving With Stranger She Accidentally Texted Is Definition Of Heartwarming

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Video of ridiculous elf toy making funny noises is guaranteed to make you cringe.

Ridiculous Elf Toy Is About To Overwhelm Your Holidays With Cringe

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Bakery triggers people on Twitter after they replace baby Jesus with a sausage roll in the Advent calendar.

UK Bakery Ignites Outrage After Replacing Baby Jesus With Sausage Roll In Advent Calendar

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easter Awkward picture holidays - 1955077

20 Hilarious and Sometimes Terrifying Easter FAILs

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april fools prank

39 Hilarious April Fool's Day Pranks For the Devious Tricksters Out There

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triggered angry bbc santa holidays - 1576197

BBC Announces Santa Isn't Real, Invokes Blind Rage From People, Instantly Backtracks Saying It Was 'Fake News'

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holidays gifs list twitter reality - 1316869

People Are Having Trouble Adjusting to Reality After the Long Holiday Break

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Ruthless Dog Sh*ts All Over Family's Attempt at Taking Holiday Pic

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parenting Video holidays win - 84482049

Kid Saves up All His Money to Give Dad Amazing Christmas Gift That Immediately Brings Tears to His Eyes

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Woman Turns Grumpy Grandpa's Vices Into Entertaining Game of Bingo for the Whole Family

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People Have No Idea What They're Supposed to Do in the Week Between Christmas and New Year's Eve

image twitter holidays People Have No Idea What They're Supposed to Do in the Week Between Christmas and New Year's Eve
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Sad teddy bear parenting Grandpa Video holidays crying - 179462

Watch These Little Girls Be Brought to Tears When They Find out Their Teddy Bears Have Recordings of Their Late Grandfather's Voice

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