WIN!: Lawn Decorations WIN

christmas comic decorations g rated Hall of Fame holiday nostalgia snowmen win - 5526389760
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Sketchy Santas: He Knows When You've Been Facebook Gossiping

christmas comic facebook g rated Hall of Fame holiday reindeer santa Sketchy Santa - 5508695040
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Sketchy Santas: The Season of Snow Pranks

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Sketchy Santas: She Thinks Mall Santas Are About As Awesome As Planking

children christmas g rated holiday meme santa Sketchy Santa - 5492894464
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National Kiss Day

forever alone holiday KISS oh snap - 5500602880
By Emma

Mass Texts and Superficial Friendships

friends holiday holidays - 5485657088

Lovely Centerpiece You Have There

baby food holiday meal Parenting Fail thanksgiving Turkey - 5492893184
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8-Bit Wreath WIN

christmas holiday nerdgasm Super Mario bros wreath - 5464788992
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No Thanks, Cannibalism Isn't My Thing

amazon baby costume holiday Parenting Fail thanksgiving Turkey - 5452861440
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Nice Turkeys WIN

groceries holiday lady bits shopping thanksgiving Turkey - 5452382208
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Curtis, is That You?

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Special Present WIN

christmas display holiday present - 5439801088
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Time To Move!

halloween holiday signs uncle creepy - 5382564608
By bob chill

Happy Halloween from the Right Wing

halloween holiday religion - 5383213568
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I Predict His Post Will Get A Lot of Notes *wink*

costume fashion halloween hipster holiday tumblr - 5378660864
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Yep, You can Get all the Candy You Want. Don't Hurt Me. Please.

costume halloween holiday Parenting Fail parenting WIN - 5360803072
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