A Merry Zphlgyp to All, and a Happy New Stxlmp!

auto correct comic holiday typo - 5980969984
By Duperandoo (Via Nedroid)

Failbook: Green Gold

holiday Ireland politics St Patrick's Day - 5979623936
By Michael

St Patty's FAIL

holiday signs St Patrick's Day typo - 5944135936
By Unknown

Holiday FAILs

holiday spelling typo wtf - 5942246400
By Brian

Happy Phil Collins Day!

holiday Phil Collins - 5844006400
Via Gothamist

Viewing Party Name FAIL

holiday name ticket - 5631749120
By Unknown

What Are YOU Doing New Year's Eve?

dating holiday new years relationships sex - 5603789824
By Unknown

After 12: What Every New Year's Comes Down To

after 12 club crying dancing drinking fight holiday new years eve puking - 5625741312
By Unknown

Christmas Tree Location FAIL

christmas driving holiday tree - 5609300736
By geha714

WIN!: Portal Christmas Tree WIN

christmas christmas decorations christmas tree g rated holiday nerdgasm Portal win - 5611961088
By Solidsnakeonmypants (Via

Autocowrecks: Tumblr Is Filled With Horrible People

AutocoWrecks christmas family g rated holiday holidays texting tumblr - 5572918528
By Unknown

FAIL Nation: Christmas Advice FAIL

advice christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List fail nation g rated holiday Professional At Work wtf - 5562885888
By Unknown

Sketchy Santas: Taken from the David Sedaris Christmas Album

christmas europe holiday santa sketchy santas - 5540466688
By Unknown
celeb christmas g rated holiday sketchy santas Video YT video - 30217985

Sketchy Santas: A Star-Studded Christmas Performance - By One Man

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That's How They Do

holiday iseewhatyoudidthere ninja - 5539533824
By Unknown

There I Fixed It: Much Easier To Clean Up

christmas christmas tree DIY dual use g rated Hall of Fame holiday there I fixed it - 5535319040
By Unknown