improbable historical moments that fel like a time traveler did it

Improbable Historical Events That Read Like Time Traveler Intervention

Getting mad time machine vibes over here.
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A crazy Tumblr post about how a pilot ends up surviving an absolutely catastrophic malfunction on a plane.

Pilot's Window Breaks, Copilot Goes Full Superhero Mode

Talk about a genuine emotional rollercoaster.
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funny memes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Aficionados Of Time Itself

It's time for history memes.
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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humor sports history FAIL nfl ridiculous football funny Video - 434439

Fast and Foolish: The Legend of DeSean Jackson

Andre Pegeron is a writer and comedian based in California. For some reason, he still loves his hometown Detroit Lions. Read his tweets about comedy, sports, and cities at @andrepegeron .
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twitter thread about civil war tale Rock of Chickamauga

Twitter Thread: The Tale of The Rock of Chickamauga

History is for dorks. We are dorks.
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twitter thread on history of hardback books in europe

Twitter Thread: Hardback Books Exist Because of Cheese, Snails and Underwear

Oh yeah, obviously, right yes.
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funny classical art history memes

Art History Memes For The Highly Cultured Among Us

We're more cultured than yogurt.
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humor history movies interesting kevin costner celeb funny - 433927

Waterworld: Or In Defense of Rich Actor’s Insane Self-Funded Passion Project

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funny and interesting history memes

History Memes To Solidify Our Mastery Of Time Itself

Or something like that, anyway.
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A funny Tumblr post about

Tumblr Thread Goes Off The Rails With The History Knowledge

History is real fun sometimes.
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tumblr user schooled on significance of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tumblr User Schooled On Rocky Horror Being Problematic

Tim Curry wore lingerie for us all.
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impressive history awesome helpful driving restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 107252737

Man Forges Interstate Highway Sign On LA To Help People Avoid Getting Lost

Dude should've gotten a key to the city.
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Tumblr thread about knowing smart things from dumb sources

Tumblr Thread: Impressive Knowledge From Dumb Sources

We all know something smart for a stupid reason.
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amazing and interesting facts

Wild Facts That Sound Made Up But Are Legit

Though ancient, sharks did not precede the formation of yo momma.
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funny history memes

History Memes For The Amateur and Immature Historians

Ah yes, knowledge.
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