People share the funniest historical facts that they know | Ginger_Chick 12h has been all over reddit forever, but fact Andrew Jackson's pet parrot ejected Jackson's funeral swearing, will never not make giggle.

Funniest Historical Facts That People Know

The truths of this world are often stranger than fiction.
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Fun Tumblr thread points out how mundane things matter too, in history | oe just-shower-thoughts Imagine much historical knowledge wasn't written down because our ancestors thought idiot isn't going know this libertarian--princess So ancient Egypt's best friend basically called Punt. They traded all kinds fun stuff with them; ebony, incense, gold, silver,

Tumblr Thread: Mundane People Are Important To History

Boring stuff matters too.
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A funny Tumblr thread about timelessly funny internet references | headspace-hotel S headspace-hotel forget Internet things would be incomprehensible 2 years ago phenomenon where is appreciation Internet things could show someone 3000 BC and be almost sure they'd get kick out 1 headspace-hotel

Tumblr Thread: Timelessly Entertaining Internet Gems

It's a tale as old as time itself.
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Tumblr thread about rhyming with purple turns into dirty history lesson | gallusrostromegalus S aerialsquid Follow satanpositive Roses are red much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue. feels fictional have been waiting this post all my life. marzipanandminutiae They are indeed purple, But one thing missed concept purple" Didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names color see. Hence good old Homer And his "wine-dark sea."

Tumblr Thread On Purple Rhymes Goes Off The Rails

Would you expect anything else?
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Inventions so good they don't need to be improved | SaltyChickenDip 58.8k points 16 hours ago Paper clip. Last major patent 1880's

Inventions That Work Too Well to be Improved Upon

Some stuff just sticks around.
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A collection of funny history insights from the minds of Tumblr | RE tilthat TIL according legend Corgi gift woodland faeries and their markings were caused by saddles and stirrups placed on their backs via dwinkus can spend hundreds years breeding dog into little sausage shape and then just forget about and say fairies did Source: tilthat

History According To Tumblr Users

History can be fun sometimes.
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Funny Tumblr post about Roman concrete discovery | watermelon-mafia S lemememeringue Follow systlin Follow GUYS THEY FIGURED OUT ROMAN CONCRETE RECIPE MAKES IMMUNE SEAWATER http /technology/mystery--2000-year-old -roman-concrete-solved-by-scientists /ar-BBDO5VC beautifultoastdream EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! systlin Follow KNOW RIGHT

Tumblr Thread: All Is Forgotten Over Time

A true ride from start to finish.
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Tumblr history thread about soldier who got home with amphetamines | MAA misteryada Those are eyes man who has seen god and laughed

Tumblr Thread: The Finnish Soldier Who Amphetamined His Way Home

We're not sure if there's a moral to this story.
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A fascinating Twitter thread about a guy's family secret | ManSitChoAzzDown Follow @AngryManTV At my grandpops funeral learned he professional welterweight boxer NYC 40's question why he never told us nobody knew continued dig discovered sad reasons why.

Twitter Thread: Man Discovers Grandpa's Fascinating Boxing Career

What a story.
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Tumblr thread on strange cold-blooded cave goat | RE tilthat Follow TIL cave goat went extinct approx. 5,000 years ago is first known mammal have become cold-blooded. Their bone growth rate is unlike any other mammal, and more similar crocodiles showing slow and adaptive rates environmental temperature. via http r-evolution-aries Follow goat's binomial name is Myotragus balearicus kind an oddball lot other ways, too, an example being had forward-facing eyes, giving stereoscopic vi

Tumblr Thread: The Cold-Blooded Freak Devil Cave Goat

It's understandably extinct.
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Tumblr thread on roman fast food | extrajordinary Follow Some restaurants were fast food" variety, where customer could eat or purchase meal go Some were even designed such way customers could obtain meals without leaving their wag- ons or entering restaurant at all prototype drive-through" service. GUYS. THERE DRIVE-THROUGH ANCIENT ROME. FINDING OUT THIS ALONE IS WORTH COST MY MASTERS HISTORY Daily Life Ancient Romans by David Matz] thatdangerous Follow *rolls up window* yeah gimme number V com

Tumblr Thread: Ancient Roman Diners Drive-Ins and Dives

There goes Gaius Furius sticking his fingers in your garum.
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Historical events that are so ridiculous they seem fictional | eannasheridan 42.4k points 24 days ago 3 2 During WW1 German navy built ship and painted make look like British ship called RMS Carmania order infiltrate and destroy British convoys. On ships first outing first enemy encountered real RMS Carmania, which promptly sunk .

Historical Events That Sound Too Ridiculous to Be True

History is patently absurd.
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Tumblr thread about judging historical figures in modern fashion | unpretty ROYALTY_NOW_ julius caesar as just Some Dude is tripping out facial reconstruction from a bust

Tumblr Thread: Reconstructed Historical Figures and How They'd Be

Caligula still looks like he'd do a Caligula.
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Interesting Twitter thread on the history behind Cleopatra | Anne Thériault O. 05/02/2018 Cleopatra: looks like had twins Cleopatra named them after two great world leaders Mark Antony love too, babe Cleopatra: no mean after 200 Alexander Great and also O 29 271146 4 030 1 Anne Thériault O. 05/02/2018 Cleopatra: one them has middle name Sun and other one has middle name moon Mark Antony s bit Cleopatra: welcome Ancient Egypt Land Being Extra 27174 1 507 1

Twitter Thread: Fascinating History On Cleopatra

This was a lot of fun.
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Awesome mystery Twitter thread about a Roman ring | Gareth Harney @OptimoPrincipi 1 stranger than fiction Roman ring mystery thread: this enigmatic Roman gold ring found ploughed field near Silchester 1785 square bezel has portrait pagan goddess Venus, inscribed backwards SUNEV use as signet ring by owner. Curiously

Twitter Thread: Stranger Than Fiction History Behind Roman Ring

History is actually fun sometimes.
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Tumblr thread about the medieval weapon the lantern shield | man-who-sold-za-warudo Knight have trained all forms combat and weapons since birth cannot be bested. Some horsecock motherfucker:

Tumblr Thread: The Spikey Insanity of The Lantern Shield

Because why shouldn't a shield also get to poke?
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