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Headlines And News Foibles To Remember Print Media Fondly

It saddens us that print media isn't what it used to be. There was a time when if a newspaper decided to have an unintentionally filthy or stupid headline, the ink was set and that was that. Everyone just had to live with the fact that the front page said something like “New Anti-Smoking Law Will Eat Butts On The Street." At least we'll always have these wild classified ads that show humanity at its finest.
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People who didn't understand joke headlines and satirical news | History Metallica FLIGHT 1 S COLLEGE THEHARDTIMES.NET Metallica Sues 8th Grader Over Hand-Drawn Logo on Notebook O Like Comment Share Wow they should be proud an 8th grader liked their music not sue kid. 15m Like Reply

Absurd Individuals Who Didn't Get Satire

This happens way too often.
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Wacky, crazy, wtf headlines about a Florida man | mug shot tweet by SammysGotJokes not saying he's right, but get Florida man kidnaps scientist make his dog immortal

The Adventures of Florida Man

Big thanks to Florida and its transparency when it comes to arrest records.
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magazine covers with funny fails

21 Times Breaking News Blasted The World With Crude Fails And Nonsense

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funny headline fails

10 Funny Headline Fails That Are Unintentionally Hilarious

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funny fails

15 Times Things Went More South than a Goose in Winter

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Weird Florida Arrests

32 Weird and Dumb Arrests That Didn't Exclusively Take Place in Florida

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Funny headlines of Florida Man's adventures and subesquent arrests

15 Times Florida Man Proved His Title as the Anti-Hero of the People

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Newspaper has hilarious typo that inspires Twitter to roast it perfectly.

Newspaper Gets Roasted After Hilarious Typo Mess-Up

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Newspaper Frontpage of the Year Would Make Vanilla Ice Proud

newspaper makes vanilla ice joke through layout
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"Invisible Box" is Now a Four-Letter Word

facepalm headline Probably bad News - 8005935872
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Once You Stare Into the Abyss...

gross headline butt stuff - 8159688704
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The Photography Says it All

headline newspaper funny photography - 7902655744
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It's All Pun and Games Until Both Birds Go Hungry

funny facebook puns BBC headline

Restocking Those are Going to Be a Real Game of Ketchup

funny fail image punny disaster headline
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I Guess it Was a Minor Surgery...

FAIL headline penis surgery newspaper - 8816548864
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